Student recipe: home made scones

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to indulge than with some scrumptious scones - a British tea time favourite. Scones are such an easy tea time treat to make that just about anyone can do it!
You will need:
225g self-raising flour
50g butter
25g sugar
150 milk
1 whisked egg or some milk for glazing
This is a nice quick process...
  1. Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 7 or 220°C
  2. Rub together the butter and flour then stir in the sugar and milk to get a soft dough.
  3. Roll the dough onto the work surface and knead lightly. Pat out dough until it's 2cm thick.
  4. Use a cutter to cut out rounds and place on a baking sheet.
  5. Brush the top with either the milk or egg.
  6. Finally bake on the middle shelf for 12-15 mins. When they’re done they will have risen and turned a golden brown.
Once cool, cut your scones in half and spread generously with strawberry jam and top with a spoonful of thick cream.
You could even get creative and experiment with adding dry fruit to the mixture OR spreading with a rich chocolate spread!
Happy cooking, and enjoy!