Student recipes: Easy Valentine's meal ideas

Valentines pink popcorn recipe for students

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we thought we'd spend some time hunting down the best Valentine's Day recipes for students. These tasty recipe ideas are quick and easy to make and won't do too much damage to a student budget.

Cooking a romantic meal is the ideal Valentine's Day activity for students; it's romantic and thoughtful without all the pressure (not to mention the expense!) of going out to a fancy restaurant. So, invite that special someone in your life to come over on Valentine's Day and WOW them with your kitchen skills... 



For the starter


Bacon hearts

This is the kind of recipe we like; the kind with only one ingredient. And it's a great ingredient... bacon!

Recipe here


Valentine's caprese salad-on-a-stick

A pretty, fresh salad that looks impressive and involves absolutely no cooking. You can put this starter together in a couple of minutes!

Recipe here


Valentine's tomato soup

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Here's a simple soup recipe with a Valentine's twist that'll really impress your date. 

Recipe here



For the main


Honey and soy glazed salmon

Although this is a very simple recipe, the finished salmon looks and tastes really impressive and sophisticated. It's the perfect way to impress a special somebody (without actually putting in too much effort).

Recipe here


Roasted heart potatoes

Cute and easy to make, these heart potatoes will add a splash of Valentine's Day fun to any meal - pair them with any kind of meat dish or the salmon recipe above.

Recipe here 


Easy spaghetti carbonara

Carbonara is another of those meals that seems exciting and impressive but isn't actually hard to make. Creamy and indulgent, it's a special meal for a special day.

Recipe here



For the dessert


Cupid's cloud

A frothy, creamy, fruity dessert that looks very flashy when served in a wine glass. Yum!

Recipe here 


Chocolate fruit dip

This indulgent, creamy dip is perfect for Valentine's Day... serve with strawberries for a delicious and romantic dessert.

Recipe here


Valentine's heart biscuits

A pretty plate of pink heart biscuits make a lovely end to your romantic Valentine's meal. If you live with your other half, baking these together is a fun activity for Valentine's Day afternoon.

Recipe here



... And if you intend to end the evening curled up in front of Netflix together, why not try making some Valentine's popcorn?

Recipe here


Check out pictures of all these recipes below...