Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. You will be given a unique key fob which will give you access into the building, your shared flat and your own bedroom or studio. You will also be able to access the Social Hub with the same fob. Visitors can alert you to their arrival via the intercom system. You will need to meet your visitor at the main door as you are not able to operate the main door remotely. The development is covered by CCTV for your safety and peace of mind. We also have a Security Officer who will be based on site during key times.


Please follow these simple steps to keep yourself and other residents of iQ safe at all times; ––

  • Always lock your door ––
  • Do not let strangers into the building ––
  • Do not let strangers tailgate into the building ––
  • If you lose your fob, report this to reception immediately –
  • When you have visitors, please escort them in and out of the building –
  • Never lend others your fob as this is unique to you and you will incur charges if it is mislaid

Do not become a victim of crime to your home or your person. Please be vigilant with items such as laptops, mobile phones, game devices and other high value goods.


If someone has had a serious accident, please call 999 immediately and ask for an ambulance. You will need to give your address and flat number.

Please inform an iQ representative who will ensure there is someone at the entrance to meet the ambulance crew and show them to the injured person.

Situations where an ambulance should be called: ––

  • If someone is unconscious or has slipped in and out of consciousness ––
  • If someone is bleeding heavily ––
  • If you suspect broken bones ––
  • If someone has a deep wound ––
  • If someone has difficulty breathing ––
  • If someone has severe burns ––
  • If someone has had a severe allergic reaction


Our fire systems have been designed for your safety. If a fire is detected on your floor, the alarms will sound to evacuate your floor and the floors above and below. Any student found to deliberately set off alarms or tampering with equipment will face financial re-charges that are levied by the Fire Service. On hearing the alarm you must leave the building immediately and go to the evacuation point. Do not run or stop to collect personal belongings. Evacuation Point: Rear of building, next to football pitch You must wait at this point until you have been given the all clear by the fire brigade. Water Leaks or Floods Water leaks can be extremely damaging to your home and inconvenient for tenants in surrounding flats. If water is leaking into electrical fittings, this can be extremely dangerous. Do not touch any electrical sockets or devices and call the Accommodation Team immediately. Please try to catch the water in a container and report water leaks immediately, no matter how small. The Accommodation Team or Security Officer will be able to turn off the water at the stop cock and the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible. Electrical Failure If you have an electrical emergency, contact a member of the Accommodation Team. Do not touch bare wires sockets or switches. If the electricity fails in your flat, check to see if the rest of your floor is experiencing the same problem. Power failures could be out of our control. Usually power cuts of this nature last a maximum of 2 hours. In these circumstances, we would call the electricity board to find out the problem and update you when information comes in. Repairs and Maintenance Repairs and maintenance should be reported via our online system or at the Reception. Emergency Repairs should be reported by telephone on: 07827 859 560 We aim to complete repairs within the following timescales: Emergency Repairs within 24 hours of being reported. An emergency repair is any repair required to avoid danger to health and risk to safety of residents. Urgent Repairs within 5 working days of being reported. An urgent repair is any repair which materially affects the comfort or convenience of the residents Non Urgent Repair within 28 days of being reported. A non urgent repair is any repair not falling into the above two categories. We normally provide you with a minimum of 24 hours notice if we require access to your accommodation to carry out a repair. In the case of an emergency we may require immediate access to your accommodation.