Top 5 reasons every student should get a bike at uni

If you're a student living with us at iQ Student Accommodation, you may have noticed that we provide secure bike storage for free at our buildings. That's because we know lots of our students are cycling enthusiasts and we think biking to and from uni is a really great idea. Some university cities or towns are more bike-friendly than others, but wherever you are there are loads of advantages to getting a bike as a student. Just make sure you're up-to-date on the highway code, and always remember to wear a helmet (just think what your mum would say!)

1. It's cheap

Ok, you obviously need to pay for the bike in the first place. But after that, costs are very low. You won't have to splash out for petrol, parking, or MOTs and you won't have to pay for public transport. Plus, university towns are the best places to buy cheap bikes. When final year students leave uni, they'll no longer need their bike and will often sell it on cheaply to another student - so you should be able to find an inexpensive bike to buy quite easily.

2. It's quick 

Walking might be free, but cycling is so much faster! And when you consider the amount of traffic that builds up in cities like London, being able to whizz past in the cycle lane could save you a huge amount of time. Whahoo!

3. It's convenient

No waiting around for buses, no worrying about where to park - cycling is super convenient when you live in a town or city. Unlike public transport, you can go direct, and you don't have to plan your journey around catching a particular bus or train. Plus, many campus universities are not well suited to other forms of transport - but are ideal to whizz around on your bike.

 4. It's fun 

Remember when you were little and riding your bike down a big hill was the most exciting, thrilling thing you could imagine? ...Go get yourself a bike and recapture the magic!

5. It's healthy 

If you want to get fit, cycling is a really easy way to introduce regular exercise into your routine. Stop wasting your commute into uni, put it to good use getting healthy.
So, have we convinced you? We think having a bike at uni is a great idea - and you can keep it safe and sound at your iQ Student Accommodation building. Just make sure you know the rules of the road, invest in a good helmet and buy a bike lock for when you leave your bike on campus.