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Top 5 Student Club Nights in Leeds

Student nights out in Leeds

One ex-Leeds student lists their top 5 club nights in the city...


1. Oceana (Wednesday)

This glass-fronted ‘super-club’ is with out a doubt my favorite place to party for the Leeds scene, and it seems to have something to offer everyone. With the seven themed venues, you're guaranteed a great night at Oceana. Those in search of a decadent night-out should head to one of the four VIP rooms (brilliant for private parties). Another noteworthy feature is the balcony off the side of Aspen Ski Lodge which serves as a popular smoking hangout. I always hit upstairs in the R&B room, cool discos, disco lighting for the dance floor, and some seriously good music. Not to mention two bars on either side, what more could you want!? The Parisian Boudoir, is kitted out with a large seating area, a few beds and a good sized bar, makes a nice chill out area. I have never had a bad night out in this place!

2. Halo

Step into this 18th centaury grade II listed church incorporating two unique venues. Halo is a state of the art super club with stunning sound and light provided by the industry's top designers. Alongside the countries top resident DJ's you will also find A-list celebrity guests including Taio Cruz, Rev Run, Coolio, Fun Lovin' Criminals and many future acts to come. You are always partying with cool students, they offer great service at the bar, premium cocktails and the exclusive VIP lounge (which is amazing). The music in this place is awesome, and you will not be disappointed by the drink prices!

3. Evolution

Being an ex –student, I spent many Saturdays at Evolution. There are two rooms, a huge one playing chart and dance music and the R&B room, which really was my favourite place to party. The DJ Booth is the middle of the room, meaning the sound is just unreal! You are right in the mix of things! There are plenty of bars to satisfy your thirst quenching needs, however, it does get pretty busy for queuing up, so get there earlier rather than later. Drinks prices are stupidly cheap; you will not spend much here!

4. 02 Academy

This place is massive, it supports plenty of indie music in the main room, but downstairs you get in to the gritty rap, hip-hop and garage tunes, with a small bar, but massive speaker system and funky lighting, you feel you are in a seriously pimped out basement. Drink prices are certainly something to smile about; I have had many good nights at the venue!

5. Tiger Tiger

This place used to be my haven, with four rooms, it does not disappoint. Double vodka mixers are so cheap, and you can enjoy these while chilling out near the DJ Booth overlooking the dance floor. The VIP area is more chilled out, mysterious red lights, and comfy circular sofas, and a large TV screen. The DJ’s are all so good, and what ever music you are in to, they are guaranteed to play it!
In conclusion to all the above student nights, wherever you go you will have an awesome night. Leeds has a brilliant variety of different clubs and trendy bars to visit, so get exploring now!