Top 5 things to do if you're single on Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as a day of love and this shouldn’t change just because you’re single. We’ve put together some different ideas for what you can do to make the most of this annual occasion.


1) Donate to charity
Fill your heart with love by doing something for charity. Whether it’s donating blood, offering unwanted items to a homeless shelter, giving up some time to work at an animal rescue center or even just signing up to the organ donor register – all these things will not only make yourself feel better but others too.
2) Pamper yourself
Have a spa day! This isn’t just one for the girls, there’s so many great spas out there now which offer packages for both guys and gals. If you’re on a budget check out groupon for a great offer, you’ll feel like a brand new person by the end of the day.
3) Have a cosy day in
 Spend the day relaxing indoors! You will need a onesie, an abundance of snacks and a great movie collection to enjoy either with friends or on your own. Treat yourself to a day of essentially doing nothing at home.
4) Get outdoors
Some people might not see this as a treat, but why not go out for a nice walk or run. Valentine’s Day isn’t just showing the people around you that you love them, but is also a time to show yourself some love. So get the endorphins flowing and some fresh air in your lungs by getting outdoors. Get a few friends who could also benefit from the outdoors and go somewhere you’ve never been before to explore.
5) Have a party
Throw a Valentine’s Day party and celebrate with all your friends. Whether you want to celebrate the day of love or throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day instead it’s a great way to celebrate, for inspiration why not check out our Pinterest.