What to do the night before your exams

So it's the night before your big exam, you're tired, stressed and counting down how many hours you have left before you will be in the exam room… STOP right there! There's no need to panic! Here at iQ we have put together some helpful tips to help you get through the night before your exam so you are refreshed and ready for exam day.

1. Eat a well-balanced dinner

Start off by eating a balanced meal the evening before your exam. Your evening meal will affect your physical and mental performance for the next day. Make sure you avoid caffeine, alcohol, fatty and greasy foods – these will only make you feel sluggish and lethargic the morning after. Why not try some of our cheap and cheerful recipes for eating on a student budget?


2. Get organised for the morning 

Make sure you've got a couple of pens (in case one runs out of ink), a watch, a calculator if you're allowed one, your student ID, and a clear bottle of water. Getting these all prepared the night before will be another load off your mind in the morning.


3. Exercise before bed

Exercise is a great way to unwind and de-stress before you go to sleep. Whether it is a quick run, gym session or yoga/stretching session, exercise is sure to clear your mind of any stress. It will also help you get a good night's sleep so you are physically and mentally ready for exam day.


4. Review all your notes

It is a really good idea to go through any notes you have made the night before your exam (this does NOT mean cramming in last minute research at 3am!) This will give you the confidence that you do know everything and peace of mind that you have looked at your revision one final time right before you sleep.


5. Get an early night

Once you have prepared everything for the next day, you should get an early night. You will be well rested and able to easily get up on time the next morning for your exam. Don’t forget to set an alarm too! The worst thing you can do is over sleep and waste all that time spent on revision because you are late for your exam.


6. Get a nutritious breakfast

Once you wake up, you should get a hearty nutritious breakfast. There are loads of brain boosting breakfasts to choose from. Eggs are a great protein boost to help your brain function after sleep, they also contain important nutrients to help increase alertness too. Oats and whole-wheat cereal stimulate brain function and provide slow release carbohydrates which are important for getting you through that long exam!
Breakfast ideas include: Omelette with veggies and bacon, poached/boiled/scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast, porridge with berries or banana, whole-wheat cereal with strawberries/raspberries and milk. 


7. Reward yourself

Finally, you have finished your exam! But before you get back onto revision for the next one, make sure you treat yourself to a post-exam celebration. Whether it is a quick drink or lunch with your friends or just treating yourself to a nice coffee and cake, buy something to celebrate completing an exam! You have worked hard so you deserve to reward yourself.


Good luck to all our students who have exams soon! If you have any other helpful exam tips please leave us a comment below