What to do with your unwanted Christmas presents

unwanted christmas present ideas

What to do with your unwanted Christmas presents...


Have you been given a gift this Christmas that you just don't want? Unfortunately, at Christmas even the people who know and love us best sometimes get it completely wrong! Whether it's a nasty smelling perfume, a film with that actor you just can't stand, or a jumper that doesn't fit, you're bound to end up with some Christmas presents you'd like to put straight in the bin. And if you're a student trying to get by on a student budget, it can be even more irritating (why couldn't they just give you money?!)

But don't just shove the offending gifts into a drawer and forget about them... some good could come of them yet! Here's our advice on what to do with those unwanted Christmas presents after the festive season is over:


1. Present swap


Make sure you take your unwanted gifts with you when you head back to uni after the holidays. That way, you can compare your ridiculous presents with your friends' and flatmates' unwanted swag. You might just find that what doesn't work for you is right up someone else's street! Even better, they might be stuck with something they think is awful that you'd actually really like...


2. Make some money


Instead of forgetting about whatever you've been given, you may as well try and get something for it! It's quick and easy to make an account on Gumtree, Ebay or Amazon - all of which could help you sell your unwanted presents online.


3. Charity shop


If you're not enjoying a gift, someone else may as well be! Head down to a local charity shop with the clothes, books or DVDs you don't fancy and enjoy the knowledge that your unwanted stuff is actually doing some good. Nice work!


4. Cook


If you've been given a tipple that isn't to your taste, don't worry. You don't have to force yourself to drink it just because you're a student. Simply look up recipes that use the drink as an ingredient - you'd be surprised by how many tasty recipes can be made from different alcohols (without ending up tasting like them!)


5. Recycle


Time to get crafty! The internet is full of ideas for altering clothes and accessories to your taste, as well as instructions for crafts made from everyday objects. Whether you end up decorating your uni room with ornaments made from book pages or you unravel that awful Christmas jumper and learn to knit, you'll be super proud and pleased if you craft something yourself!


6. Re-gift


We're not suggesting that you pass on that horrible perfume to your unsuspecting best friend... BUT if you've been given a nice gift that is simply not to your taste, have a think if anyone you know would like it. If it's a book, DVD, drink or anything else long-lasting that you think a friend would actually enjoy, put it aside for their birthday!


7. Learn to love 'em


If all else fails, try to find the positive side of your presents... Don't fancy reading that dull-looking book you've been given? At least it'll help you go straight to sleep at night!



Any other ideas for what to do with your unwanted Christmas presents now that you're back at uni? Tell us in the comment section below.