What to expect if you're a student at Kingston University


Potential fresher, current fresher, 2nd year, 3rd year, postgrad... what should you expect when you live in and study at Kingston University? The answer is - a lot!

Here are some of our favourite things about Kingston town and University...


Campus cats!

You Kingston Hill guys, surely you've met George by now? The lovely ginger cat pictured above is the much loved campus cat! He is quite shy, and doesn’t like to be around crowds, but you will often find him lounging in the Law school, Kenry House, and the bit of grass between Kenry house and Kingston Hill Halls. Also pictured is George (Junior), another campus cat who hides away around Middle Mill.

Richmond Park

You have the capitals' largest Royal Park literally on your doorstep. It’s all kinds of amazing. Perfect now that the warm weather is arriving for chilling out, playing football, watching the deer or for a good long walk, run, or cycle with some amazing views! Head for a walk up Kingston Hill and go explore Richmond park!



Who doesn’t love the Riverside? Aside from the fact it’s a foody's heaven (yes please), the Riverside is where everyone goes when the sun is out. It’s just around the corner from iQ Kingston, and it’s the place to be when the weather warms up. A personal favourite of ours at iQ is sharing a jug of Pimms from the Ram while sitting beside the river and spying on all the boats sailing up and down.


Free bus

Need we say more? An intersite bus service. Beep beep!  We can’t tell you how many times we have gone around on that bus in a big loop when we were too lazy to get off at our stop!



“Yer a KU student now ‘Arry, get yerself to Hannafords”

Ok, that’s not EXACTLY how the quote goes, but it goes without saying that you've got to check out the Students' Union. We love you Space, Hannafords, and Knights Park! Download the subTV app to your phone, and you can pick the music while you're there. Also, wifi and Subway! And did we mention it’s very cheap?


JG Building

Has anyone noticed that the JG Building is a blackhole for phone signal? No cheeky snapchats in lectures! However, its strong colour scheme keeps your attention…



Student clubbers, your chariot awaits! The N87, the snoozemaster, the king of the night buses brings you home to Kingston from central London all night.  Just make sure you bring a friend with you to wake you up at your stop.


Christmas in Kingston

Enough said, it’s like a wonderland.


24HR library

The holy grail! The wonderful LRC staff work around the clock so you can get your last minute assignments done. Believe us, 3pm or 3am, it makes no difference - the place is packed with the last-minute or overly eager students.


The campuses are so pretty you think it’s some sort of fairytale..

If you’re studying at Roehampton Vale, Kingston Hill, Penrhyn Road, Knights Park you’re fortunate enough to be living in one of the prettiest towns in the area. How many people can say that and also enjoy having London right on their doorstep?

And did you know the staff at iQ Kingston are Kingston Uni graduates? Ask us anything about Kingston, we’ll always have an answer!

Share your favourite things about living and studying at Kingston Uni in the comments below...