iQ Student Accommodation

Reimagining thestudent accommodation experience

14 years

iQ is proud to have been part of the higher education ecosystem for 14 years, where we continue to reimagine the student accommodation experience and give our residents their best year yet.

34,000 students

We provide the best home away from home environment for over 34,000 students that can confidently make the most of the student experience in their new spaces.

85 sites across 29 cities

We own and operate 85 sites across 29 UK towns and cities, giving students from all parts of the world a truly exceptional accommodation experience.

Student wellbeing at the heart of our business

Being able to reach our full potential in life requires us to feel good in ourselves. How we live our lives – where we call home, what we do, the way we do it and why we do it - has a major impact on how good we feel.

Wellbeing at iQ
Our approach

Our approach

Engaging with our student residents

We have a deep understanding of what our students want - allowing us to tailor our offer and invest in what they care about
Our approach

Our approach

Creating spaces with sustainability in mind

We believe in creating spaces that students want to spend time in and that are operated sustainably

Our reachextends across the UK

Our portfolio is well-located and diversified, with a strong presence in Russell Group and multi-university cities and towns. Our strong direct-let business is complemented by our strategic partnerships with educational institutions, and underpinned by our commitment to providing a fantastic student experience.

We are proud to work with our partners

We are proud of our relationships with Higher Education providers across the UK, as well as with brand partners and accreditation bodies. We invest in these relationships, believing that they all add to the student experience.

Gender Pay Gap Reports

We believe that by being a truly diverse and inclusive organisation, we will be better able to serve our customers and communities, and attract and retain the best talent in the sector. As a student accommodation business centred around young generations who are just a few years or months away from the start of their careers, we want to exemplify what a diverse, inclusive and fair business looks like.

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A robust iQ team with significant combined experience

iQ has a strong operational management team, with significant combined experience across the real estate, student accommodation, hospitality and leisure sectors.