Top 10 tips for relationships from Relate

Our friends at Relate give their top 10 tips on relationships.

Having relationship problems is completely natural. Having the urge to be in a relationship is completely natural. Exploring your sexuality is completely natural and needing help to navigate it all is also completely natural. So, here are some tips to navigate the world of relationships.

The art of arguing

Learn to "argue" well. It may sound odd, but finding a non-damaging way to resolve difficulties will futureproof your relationship.

MOTs aren't just for cars

Give your relationship the same care you would give your car, with an annual relationship MOT. Talk about what you want from your relationship now and in the future. Do this with Relate if it’s hard to do by yourselves.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to seek support for your relationship and ideally do so before things reach a crisis point. Equally, if you’re thinking of breaking up or are in the process of doing so, counselling or mediation can make the whole process less painful.

Be yourself

Sexuality can be fluid and change over time. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate it, but remember to check in with your partner/s.

Listen to your partner

No two people have the same romantic desires, histories and tastes. Love your partner for their uniqueness rather than seeing their differences as threatening.

Work on what makes you happy

If you’re single but want to be in a relationship — it’s a great time to work on having a fulfilling life, building your self-esteem and being ready to couple up from a happy place.

Listen to your gut

You are the best expert on you. So, while it’s great to have advice from family and friends about how you should live and what they would do in your position, they aren’t you.

Take your time

Don’t feel under pressure to be in a relationship, get married or conform to one relationship model. Everyone is different – find out what works for you and if you don’t get it right the first time, keep trying.

Don't be too hard on yourself

Try to stop comparing your relationship to other people’s, or at least notice when you’re doing it. Every relationship is unique and no relationship is perfect.

Love yourself before loving others

Get to know and love yourself - it’s the best route to fully engaging in a relationship.

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