Our Commitment to Being Green

We work hard to make sure that all of our sites are as environmentally-friendly as possible from the start of the build right through to the end. Energy saving and waste reducing is in the details, and iQ has made sure that even the smallest aspects aren't overlooked so that we can continue to improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprints.


Below are some of the measures we've taken in our continued commitment to being green:

  • All of our iQ sites use low-energy lighting and lighting controls to keep down energy consumption.
  • Before our buildings first open, at least 98% of construction waste has been reused or recycled.
  • iQ sites are located close to universities and amenities to encourage public transport use.
  • We participated in the “Halving waste to landfill” project which reduced construction waste by half.
  • We have a green roof at our Hoxton site to form natural insulation and encourage wildlife.
  • Most of our sites use “triple A” rated appliances to help reduce wasted energy.
  • Our buildings use only super high performance insulation to ensure we have a minimal air leakage.
  • iQ complies with the "Dark Sky" initiative which seeks to reduce light pollution across the planet.
  • We regularly review and invest in our buildings to insure they are as energy efficient as possible.