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Costume Crazes for Halloween 2017

Costume Crazes for Halloween 2017

On-trend Halloween costumes are becoming more and more popular. Last year we saw a flurry of The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadpool and Stranger Thing’s Eleven. So what trends are we likely to see in 2017…



Whilst it’s only been in cinemas for less than 2 months, IT is one of the most popular horror movies of 2017!

The costume will take a little bit of planning but doesn’t have to cost too much, all you will need is a: helium filled balloon, red wig, face paint (plus a steady hand) and a white ruffled outfit (search through your local charity shops to find something at a bargain price).

If you don’t want to be Pennywise in a sea of many, why not go as Georgie? All you will need is a yellow rain coat, paperboat and a balloon.

Have a fear of clowns? This year’s Halloween might be a good one to skip as they will be out in their droves.




Jon Snow, Daenerys, Whitewalkers, the list goes on. Game of Thrones characters have been popular in the fancy dress realm for a few years now. However, following the end of the penultimate series and the finale not coming for at least another year, GoT withdrawal has really intensified.

The great thing about GoT characters, is that they’re great if you want to do a group fancy dress. We suggest putting the name of each housemate in a bag and take it in turns to pick one out, you then must pick a character from that family to dress up as.

This is another great opportunity to make the most of your local charity shops; fur coats, long dresses, costume jewellery, capes – just a few of the things you could pick up at a student friendly price.




2017 saw the release of the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. The leading lady and man/animal make a great fancy dress option for couples.

One half of the couple will need a yellow dress, the other half a blue blazer, a rose and e voilà!

Top off the outfit by waltzing around the Halloween party to your favourite song.





Whether you love or loathe remakes, Baywatch erupted back onto our screens this year with a brand new cast. It might not have done too well with the critics but there’s no denying the outfits were still just as iconic.

The classic Baywatch uniform is a mix of bright red and cool blue. Don your best red shorts, a blue rash vest as well as a rescue buoy and you’re ready to go.

To update the outfit for 2017, add two gold medals to the outfit to become the Olympic-winning Matt Brody or a nude coloured swim cap to become The Rock’s, Mitch Buchannon.



Don’t forget all these outfits can be made scary by adding fake blood and cleverly done make-up. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Ned Stark rise from the grave or a Zombie Belle.