iQ Feel Good

iQ Feel Good

The right supportWhen you need it

We know that student wellbeing is important.

iQ Feel Good offers our residents the right support on hand, whenever they need it, whether that’s guidance from our site teams or support from our partners at Shout UK and Student Minds

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iQ Feel Good Ambassador

Our iQ Feel Good Ambassadors have been recruited to help advocate and champion mental health and wellbeing across our properties. They bring their passion and experience to their roles and are helping shape what we offer and how we can support our residents and their wellbeing.

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Support, advice, and connection

We really care about the wellbeing of our students. Having the right relationships and support are pivotal to helping students thrive. We offer a range of expert partnerships that innovatively deliver crisis supportmental health advice and opportunities to connect over shared interests and insightful discussions.



Be kind to your mind 

Whether it’s a deadline or just another packed day, our partners at Headspace can be there to help you manage it all. With our partners at Headspace, we're able to offer headspace premium subscriptions to residents. 

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iQ Feel Good Roundtable in Sheffield

#MWAW2023 Round Table Discussion: Anxiety

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to shine a light on all things anxiety and share some tips on what you can do to be your best self.

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what is milestone anxiety?

#MHAW23: Coping with milestone anxiety

As it's Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is anxiety, we thought we'd take a closer look at what's behind milestone anxiety and how to address it with the help of Relate Counsellor, Simone Bose.

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Wellness in your everyday

#MHAW23: We can all thrive

What if we approached our mental health the way we do our physical health? What if we had open conversations about our mental health scars and breaks? Even if our mental health is sound, we can still learn to thrive. Counsellor Christine Morrison at Shout shares her advice on how we can all thrive in tricky times.

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