It's your move: Kanpitcha

We’ve spoken to students across the country who made the move to iQ. Here, we meet Kanpitcha from Thailand, who studied at University of the Arts London and the London College of Communication while living at iQ Hoxton.


Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I particularly chose the UK because the country is such a melting pot of cultures. I love how people in the UK whom I had experience with are commonly accepting of the differences of others.

I love the train system in the UK! I could be in London and the next hour in Brighton in a blink of an eye. Me and my friends really enjoyed travelling from place to place back in the days, because let’s face it – the best part of student life is always outside the lectures!


What did you do in your spare time at university?

As a part of the Thai student society, I helped organise a charity concert and play back in the days which also gave me connections to drive forward my career professionally today.

My friends could also find me in Brick Lane most of the Sundays in London which is a walkable distance from iQ Hoxton.


What were some of your favourite things about London?

London will always have a special place in my heart. It’s such a great city for young people to discover themselves truly. It’s the city full of colour despite the gloomy weather throughout the year.

The resources beyond the university library are limitless because when it comes to the best museums and exhibitions, London has it all to offer, and being world’s most lively city, you can also easily find yourself at ease at some corner of the park or Primrose Hill (which is my favourite).


What were you proud of achieving at university?

After I graduated, I would say that rather than being academically successful at university, it was the people I met during my student years at iQ. They became a lifetime family, which I think is the only thing in life that matters.


What’s important to you?

My five most important values are family, kindness, compassion, freedom and balance.

Tell us about iQ Hoxton

I chose iQ Hoxton because of the location; iQ Hoxton is close to the Tube station with a bus stop right opposite the entrance. Close to the convenience store, with a variety of restaurant and cafés nearby.

I would recommend living at iQ because from the time I first moved in ‘til I moved out, there’s no complication at all. Very hassle free! Even when I needed something to be fixed, the staff helped to get it sorted in no time.

iQ staff are always so helpful with a smile on their faces. I love coming ‘home’ to see those bright smiles at the reception!


What made iQ feel like home?

What I love about being in iQ Hoxton’s because the residents are respectful to each other and always kept the common rooms neat and clean. Location-wise, even more than perfect for me! Everything is so convenient as there’s a bus stop right opposite the entrance and being in London means you can probably reach most places in 30 minutes. 

I just love the area so much (East London). When I was there for three academic years, I personally developed a bond with the locals too! I miss being able to walk to the kebab place right opposite the accommodation at 2am and feeling entirely safe because I always see the familiar faces. I remember going to this man in the kebab place I called ‘uncle’ in my graduation gown and said to him “I am graduated!” and he gave me my favourite chicken and chips as my graduation gift!


Tell us about another of your favourite memories from your time at iQ

One of my favourite memories from my time at iQ:  The time I was planning on going to Glastonbury festival with a friend who also stayed at iQ.  Neither of us had experience of pitching a tent before. So, we had this one practice session in the movie room, before we took off to the actual festival. It was hilarious because the security came in and asked us what’s happening there and finally, he helped us setting up the tent inside the movie room in the end.

Glastonbury festival

A view like never before, I remembered standing there feeling content despite being in the massive crowds. Probably the magic of Glastonbury festival which keeps people going back.

iQ Hoxton courtyard

Despite being in the world’s most hectic city for some people, I could always come back to iQ Hoxton courtyard feeling peaceful right in the city centre.

London gallery

I will always be grateful for the opportunity my parents gave me to study in London. I would not be who I am today, without their support. Being able to live in London is such a privilege because there are countless things for everyone to see and experience.

Exploring London

Every time I search for a new place to visit, there will be more than one! London can never bore me.

Exploring the UK

Train station, cold weather and a hot cup tea in the UK just make me happy inside (when it is less hectic, of course).

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