Circuit Laundry Facilities

We think the Circuit system is great because it means you don't need exact change to do a wash - you can just top up your card online! It's a super quick and easy system that makes doing your laundry much simpler.

At iQ Student Accommodation, we have a close working relationship with Circuit Laundry, so if you have any problems or questions about the facilities we can help you to easily get in touch with the right people to help.


Circuit Sites

The following iQ Student Accommodation sites use Circuit washing machines and laundry cards to run our onsite laundry rooms:


  • iQ Broderick House
  • iQ Bristol
  • iQ Edinburgh Fountainbridge
  • iQ Edinburgh Grove
  • iQ London, Hoxton
  • iQ London, Kingston
  • iQ Leeds
  • iQ Exchange
  • iQ Kopa
  • iQ Student Quarter
  • iQ Sheffield Brocco
  • iQ Sheffield Steel


Laundry Costs

Please speak to your site about laundry prices.

How to Use Circuit Machines

Each iQ Student Accommodation site that uses Circuit Laundry has an on-site laundry room containing banks of washing machines and tumble dryers. The laundry facilities are open 24-7 so you can use them at any time.

You will need to buy a Laundry Card to use the machines. The Laundry Card can be topped up with credit online, which you can then spend on running washing and drying cycles. We have found that this is a more helpful system for our students as it means you don’t have to always have the correct change to hand!

For hints and tips on washing your clothes, check out our laundry guides. Or have a look through the information below to find out about using the Circuit machines.


How to Buy a Laundry Card

You can buy your Circuit card from a card dispenser machine. You will find this in or just outside the laundry room at your iQ site. If you cannot find the machine, just ask at reception!


How to Top Up Your Laundry Card

  1. Visit circuit.co.uk where you can create a My Circuit account.
  2. Follow the instructions online to add credit to your Circuit laundry card online.
  3. Make sure you make a note of the top-up code.
  4. Go to your top-up point & follow the instructions to activate your code:
  • Press any key to start
  • Scan your card
  • Enter your top-up code
  • Re-scan your card to complete
Once your card is topped up, you can use it to pay for your washing and drying.
If the machine in your laundry room has a QR code, you can also download the Circuit app to top-up and control your laundry straight from your phone. Amazing!
You can find further instructions and advice on the washers and dryers themselves. If you run into any problems when trying to top up your card, please contact Circuit directly or let the site team know at reception and they can contact Circuit for you.


How to Check How Much Money you Have on your Laundry Card

You can check how much credit you have left on your card by scanning it at the top-up machine in the laundry room. This will tell you how much money you have remaining.


How to Use Laundryview 

Laundryview lets you:
  • Check the availability of washers and dryers online - don't waste time lugging your washing to the laundry only to find the machines are all in use!
  • Request an email alert for when your washing or drying cycle is finished.
  • Leave your laundry washing and come back when it's done.

To use Laundryview, simply click here and select the relevant iQ site from the drop down list.


When is the Best Time to Use the Laundry?

For most of our sites, the laundry room is quietest from 11pm until 10am most days and Sunday tends to be the least busy day of the week.

You can also check the best time to use the laundry room at your site by looking at LaundryView, selecting the relevant site and then clicking 'Weekly Stats'. This will show you when the laundry has been busiest in the past week, giving you a good idea of the best and worst times to do your washing!


What to Do if You Have a Problem

In the event that you have a problem using the Circuit Laundry facilities at an iQ site, there are a number of places to go for help:
  1. First, try checking Circuit Laundry’s Frequently Asked Questions to see if there is an answer to your question there.
  2. Get in touch with Circuit. As our site teams do not have technical knowledge of the Circuit facilities, it is always best to contact Circuit first with any problems. You can get in touch here or call the helpline on 01422 820026.
  3. Ask the site team. If you’re struggling to get in touch with Circuit, please feel free to get in touch with the management team at reception. They will be able to contact Circuit directly to ask them to give you a hand!


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