If you're a fresher or a new student, you may not be used to using laundry facilities before you come to live with us at iQ Student Accommodation. Even if you normally wash your own clothes, you may find that the facilities we offer are slightly different to what you’re used to.
We've put together a selection of useful tips and advice to make washing and drying your clothes the least of your worries! We would also recommend checking out our pages on Washstation and Circuit Laundry to find out more about using our facilities and how to use a Laundry Card.


Tips for Using the Washing Facilities at iQ Student Accommodation

  • Always check the washing labels in your clothes to see what temperatures and cycles to use.
  • Don't use dye or bleach in the machine as this could damage the machine and your clothes. 
  • Don't pour detergent directly onto your clothes. This may cause permanent staining to your items! Instead, pour the detergent into a laundry cup and load straight into the drum. We recommend using half a cup of detergent for one load of washing.
  • Don't use fabric conditioner in the machines. 
  • Don't use colour catcher in the machines. Colour catcher can block the drains and may lead to machines being put out of order. 
  • Don't wash duvets in the machines. The equipment is not designed for this use. 
  • Don't overload or underload the machines. Empty or over-full machines may stop mid cycle leaving clothes dirty and wet. We recommend filling the machine 3/4 of the way up the glass door.
  • Don't put trainers in the tumble dryer as the heat of the dryer can melt the glue in the trainers! If you need to dry out your trainers, try stuffing them full of newspapers and putting them near a radiator.
For more information and advice, check the posters in the laundry room at your particular site. Or, have a look through our information pages on Washstation and Circuit Laundry for more details on how to use the facilities.


What Temperature to Use

Make sure you select the right temperature and cycle for your clothes.

You can use this table as a general guide, however don't forget to check the labels in your clothes for specific instructions.

As a general rule, hotter temperatures will remove ingrained dirt more easily, but they may also shrink some clothing!

You can now buy detergents that allow you to run your laundry on a lower temperature - this may be a good option to use as you will be saving energy. Switching from a 40 degree wash to a 30 degree wash uses around 40% less electricity!


Whites 60 degree hot wash
Colours 40 degree warm wash
Bright colours 40 degree warm wash
Permanent Press 40 degree warm wash (to reduce ironing)
Delicates 30 degree cold wash (light spin)
Woollens 30 degree cold wash (light spin)