Washstation Laundry Facilities

iQ Bloomsbury and iQ Shoreditch in London both have on-site laundry facilities run by Washstation laundry. We think Washstation is a really useful system for our student tenants. Instead of finding the correct change each time you want to wash or dry some clothes, you can simply top up your Laundry Card online. Easy!


Laundry Costs

At all iQ Student Accommodation sites a wash costs from £2.50 and a dry costs from £1.20.


How to Use The Washstation Laundry Facilities


How to Use Washstation Machines

Both iQ Shoreditch and iQ Bloomsbury have on-site Washstation laundry rooms containing banks of washing machines and tumble dryers. The laundry facilities are open 24-7 so you can use them at any time.
You will need to buy a Laundry Card to use the machines. The Laundry Card can be topped up with credit online. You can then spend this credit on washing and drying your clothes. We have found that this is a more helpful system for our students as it means you don’t need to have the correct change!
For hints and tips on doing your laundry, check out our helpful laundry guides. Or have a look through the information below to find out about using the Washstation machines.
Washing machines:
  1. Load your clothes into the washing machine, filling the machine 3⁄4 of the way up the glass door.
  2. Add laundry detergent straight into the drum.
  3. Firmly shut the door.
  4. Hold your Washstation card against the card reader on the machine.
  5. Select the required cycle and press the start button.
Tumble Dryers:
  1. Clean the lint from the inside of the dryer.
  2. Load clothes into the tumble dryer.
  3. Hold your Washstation card against the card reader on the machine.
  4. Select the required cycle and press the start button.
  5. Remove clothes promptly from the dryer to reduce the need for ironing.


How to Buy a Laundry Card

Ask the team at reception at iQ Bloomsbury or iQ Shoreditch to get your Washstation laundry card. Then simply click here and follow the instructions online to register your card. You will need to enter your card number (including the dashes!) to register.


How to Top Up your Laundry Card

Click here to top up your card – you will need to log in using the username and password you registered with. Follow the online instructions to add money to your card. You will receive a 6 digit pincode which you will need to note down or remember.
Take your card to the laundry room, hold the card to the Pinmate machine and enter the pincode. This will top up your card and you can now use it to pay for your washing and drying.


How to Check How Much Money you Have on your Laundry Card

Hold your card against the card reader on the washing machine or dryers and your balance will be displayed.


How to Use ReadyToWash

ReadyToWash is a really useful tool that lets you track your washes online. You can use it to check whether there is a machine free before you go to the effort of taking your clothes down to the laundry.
Simply click here to use ReadyToWash.


What to Do if you Have a Problem

In the event that you have a problem using the Washstation facilities at an iQ site, there are a number of places to go for help:
  1. Firstly, try reading through Washstation’s Frequently Asked Questions to see if your problem is addressed there.
  2. If you cannot find the answers you’re looking for in the FAQs, try contacting Washstation directly on 0800 141 2331 or by emailing service@washstation.co.uk.
  3. If you have any problems contacting Washstation, just let your iQ site team know at reception and they will help put you in contact with Washstation to solve the problem.


Find out more about Washstation