Moving out

Moving out

Moving out soon? 

We hate goodbyes, but if you’re moving out of your iQ home, here’s what you’ll need to know for a stress-free exit. 

Before you leave, you’ll need to complete your pre-check out info and generate your iQ FastPass. 

You can get your FastPass via the iQ app or by logging in to the iQ Portal. Click the ‘Move Out FastPass’ button to generate your FastPass and show this to Reception when you move out to avoid a longer process. You’ll also receive a copy of the FastPass via email. 

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Seven simple steps to moving out

Seven steps to moving out



Get ahead, donate now

Give your old stuff new life and help us beat last year’s total. Donate unwanted items to the British Heart Foundation and help the charity to save more lives.  

Donate to BHF

Removal, storage and cleaning

Store your stuff

Need to move, store or ship your things? Use code MOVEOUT23 for 10% discount with our resident concierge service. 

See Pinglocker services

Extend your stays

Extend your stays

If you need to stick around a little longer than planned, our semester and summer stays are the answer - subject to availability. Be quick to make life that extra bit easier. 

Book for summer at iQ

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Save yourself some money 

Check if you can save yourself a little money when you move out. 

Have you cancelled your TV Licence? Checked to see if you still have credit on your Circuit Laundry app? Find out how to get money back in our move out FAQs.


We’ve got you covered with our FAQs below. Get in touch with your site team if you have any more questions. 

Before you move out…

Do I need to book a move out inspection?

If you are a semester booking, get in touch with your site team to arrange a move-out inspection. 

For end of year tenancies, we’ll be doing room inspections between April-May for tenancies ending in June or July, and from July-August for tenancies ending in August. If you have any concerns about your room, contact us via the app or speak to your site team. Contact details can be found here

How do I pay any outstanding balances on my account? 

You can pay any outstanding rent or recharges via the iQ App or by visiting the accounts section of your resident portal (this is only if you pay your rent to iQ and not a university partner). 

Do I need to clean the communal areas?

Yes, you’ll need to ensure your room and any shared areas are left in good, clean condition. Even if there are residents still living there, all areas of the flat will be inspected when your key is returned. A cleaning checklist is available for you to use, or you can request one from reception. 

Remember to remove all items from communal areas – including any food from fridges and cupboards – to avoid removal charges. We’ll be working with British Heart Foundation to donate any unwanted items, so please bring anything you’d like to give away to reception. 

Will I be charged for damage in the flat? 

Unless a resident admits liability, we won’t investigate any communal damages at this time. Recharges will be divided equally amongst all residents of the flat as per the tenancy agreement. We recommend that you discuss any damages with your flatmates before you leave.  

Please be aware that the cost of any replacements or redecoration will be charged to residents. 

There’s damage in my room, what should I do? 

It’s best to be proactive to avoid any surprise charges for damages. Report any repairs or damage as soon as possible so we can fix them and discuss whether there will be any charges. You can log any repairs via the maintenance section of your resident portal, or on the iQ app

Will I be charged for leaving items in my room? 

iQ will charge for the disposal cost of any items left behind, so it’s best to clear everything when you leave. 

When you move out…

What time do I have to move out of my room? 

Final check-out is 10am on the day your tenancy ends. Some of our sites may have a later check-out time if their university contract states this. If you’re unsure, check your tenancy agreement or ask your iQ site team. 

How do I return my keys?

You’ll need your move out FastPass ready. Keys can be handed to a member of the team at reception. If you’re leaving out of hours then check arrangements with the site team first. Don’t leave keys under reception doors or in your room. 

Please note any keys not returned will incur replacement charges. Once keys are returned, you’re agreeing to the site team inspecting the room and also to any charges that are found. Any items found left behind will be disposed of and may incur disposal charges.  

Can I use the car park for checkout?

Yes, we’ll allow access to car parks where possible, for loading and unloading purposes only, subject to time restrictions. Overnight parking won’t be possible unless agreed and paid for ahead of time. Check with your site team for details. 

How do I get to the airport/train station?

PingLocker offers transfers to London airports. Find out more here

We’re happy to order you a taxi at reception, and some iQ sites have deals with taxi firms. If you need other transport advice, pop down to reception and we’ll be happy to help. 

After you move out…

What happens to any post or parcels after I check out?

We don’t accept or forward on any parcels for residents that have moved out. We’ll return any items to sender so be sure to inform friends, relatives and important companies of your new address. 

If it isn’t possible for the item to be returned, then we will donate the package to our charity partner, the British Heart Foundation. 

The Royal Mail offer a redirection service for a charge, which will redirect your post to an address of your choice. Visit here for more information Redirection - Get Mail to Your New Address | Royal Mail Group Ltd

Please remember to collect any parcels you have waiting at reception before you return your keys. 

I still have credit on my Circuit Laundry Top-up Card, how do I get a refund?


To receive a refund of part-used top-up credit, please send your Circuit Laundry Top-Up Card along with a copy of the original top-up code receipt and the reason for requesting a refund to: Circuit Launderette Services Ltd at Circuit Launderette Services Ltd, Victoria Court, Halifax Road, West Yorkshire, HX6 4AJ. 


To receive a refund of credit on your app, please send a copy of the original PayPal receipt (which must include to Receipt ID or Transaction ID, the reason for requesting a refund and a screenshot of your app account) to 

Refunds will only be made using the payment method used for purchase. Any credit added to your account more than 12 months ago will not be refunded. Refunds will not be processed for any free credit. Any unused credit will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. There'll be a £3 admin charge and Circuit Laundry are unable to refund any credit under the value of £5.00. 

My TV licence has not expired yet, can I claim a refund?

If you have more than two weeks before your license expires, then you may be able to claim a TV licence refund. See here for further information TV Licence refund and cancellation - TV Licensing ™ 


Can I store items at iQ over the summer?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow storage over the summer but iQ has teamed up with PingLocker to make things easier for you. Find out more about their summer storage services for iQ residents. Click the ‘Resident services’ button on your iQ app.  


Can I store my bike over the summer?

No, you’ll need to take your bike with you when you leave. Any abandoned bikes will be disposed of, recycled or given to charity. 


What if I forget any of my belongings?

Be sure to remove all items from your accommodation, no matter how small. We recommend that any unwanted useful items, in good condition and working order, be recycled or gifted to charity – you’ll find collection points around your site. Any left items will be donated to charity or disposed of, and you may be charged removal costs.  

Staying longer…

Can I extend my stay?

Yes, you can extend your stay either for a semester or summer stay, subject to availability. Speak to reception to confirm availability or check the summer stays and semester staypages. 


Can I rebook again for next year?

We hate to see our residents leave and would love for you to choose iQ as your home next year. If you'd like to stay with us again, you can book here. Visit us at reception so we can chat through your options.