Sample Residential Licence Agreement

Dear {NameFirst},


Thank you for your recent application for accommodation. This page sets out the principal terms of your Residential Licence Agreement.


You are about to accept a legal contract which binds the Landlord, the Tenant and where applicable, the Guarantor.  It is important that you understand what you are agreeing to. If you are unsure you should get advice from a lawyer.

The Tenant's right to occupy the Room will only start once:


* The Residential Licence Agreement has been accepted by (all of) the Tenant(s).

* The person nominated as Guarantor has agreed to their responsibilities and forwarded the appropriate documentation (if paying in instalments).

* The rent has been paid in full, or the first instalment of rent has been paid.


The Tenancy is subject to the conditions found below, and by accepting the Residential Licence Agreement you will be confirming that you agree to the Terms and Schedule set out in this letter. The Terms and the Schedule together form the Residential Licence Agreement.



The principal terms of the Residential Licence Agreement are as follows:


Landlord Details

Landlord Name:                                   {Landlord Name}

Landlord Address:                               {Landlord Address}


Tenant Details

Main Tenant’s Full Name:  {Tenant’s Name}

Tenant’s Current Address: {Tenant’s Address}


1.             PREAMBLE

A.             This Licence Agreement does not, and is not intended to give or to impose on the Licensee any of the rights and obligations of a tenant nor does it give you the right to exclusive possession of any accommodation which you may be allowed to use, or create the relationship of landlord and tenant between the parties.

B.             The Licensee is not to be entitled to a tenancy or to an assured shorthold or assured tenancy, or to any statutory protection under the Housing Act 1988 or to any other statutory security of tenure now or when this Licence ends.

C.             This Licence Agreement refers to the Accommodation and Services described in Schedules 1 and 2 of this Licence Agreement. It is granted to the Licensee solely on their acceptance of and agreement to the terms and conditions set out herein.

D.             The Licensor expressly reserves the right to allocate alternative Accommodation provided that any increase in the Licence Charge for that alternative room is not changed to the Licensee.  If there is no available room in the Residence, or in case of serious fault with the Residence, the Licensor reserves the right to move the Licensee to another, equivalent or superior, location including but not exclusively a hotel without additional charge to the Licensee.

E.             All references to the singular Licensee include the plural and vice versa, and all references to the male Licensee apply to the female and vice versa.

F.             This form of licence does not require either party to give any form of notice to the other at the end of the Licence Period.

2.             DEFINITIONS

For the purposes of this Licence Agreement the following definitions apply

a)             “Accommodation” means that described in Schedule 1 of this Licence Agreement or any room allocated by the Licensor during the Licence Period with the fittings fixtures and contents listed in the appropriate inventory in Schedule 6;

b)             “Accommodation Type” means the room type listed in Schedule 1;

c)             “Booked Date of Arrival” means the day in which the Licensee agrees to take occupation;

d)             "Building" means the building or buildings mentioned in the Agreement and where the Room, Flat, Flat Common Areas and the Building Common Areas are situated;

e)             "Contents" means the furnishings, fixtures and fittings in the relevant area;

f)             “Common Parts” means those parts of the Residence which are necessary for the purpose of gaining access to and from the Accommodation, and to which others have right of access;

g)             “External Parts” means the roof terrace and court yard areas of the Residence;

h)             “Residence” means the Accommodation of which the allocated room forms part;

i)              “Operations Manager” means the staff member responsible for the management of the Residence

j)              “Licence Agreement” means this residential licence agreement and reference to a numbered room

k)             “Schedule” means the particular schedule annexed to this Licence Agreement;

l)              “Licence Charge” means the weekly charge due in respect of the Accommodation occupied and the Rights Granted to the Licensee in accordance with Schedule 5. “Fees” or “Residence Fees” means all of the Licence Charges due to the Licensor over the duration of the Licence Agreement;

m)           “Licence Period” of this agreement will run from the booked day of arrival to the departure date noted in Schedule 1 subject to Clause 4;

n)             "Manager" means the Licensor or any entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with such company.

o)             "Residents Handbook" means such residents handbook as we may make and notify to you for the purpose of ensuring the safety, security, cleanliness and good management of the Building or the efficient or economic performance by us of our obligations under this Tenancy Agreement or any other tenancy;

p)             “Shared Facilities” means any shared facility such as kitchen, bathroom, common or other room;

q)             “Service Media” means central heating and hot water systems, electrical services for power and lighting, drainage and water services, and any data or phone services provided;

r)             “Licence End Date” means the date on which the licence charges cease.

s)             “Tenancy Letter” means the tenancy letter addressed to the Tenant which is enclosed with or attached to these Terms and Conditions;

t)             “Licence Start Date” means the date from which licence charges commence.


3.             LICENCE

In consideration of the Licence Charge paid and received under this Licence Agreement, and of the obligations of the Licensee contained herein, the Licensor permits the Licensee throughout the duration of the Licence Agreement to occupy the Accommodation and to share in common with the other occupiers of the Residence, the Shared Facilities.



a)             This Licence Agreement will be effective during the Licence Period listed in Schedule 1;

b)             In agreeing to this Licence Agreement, the Licensee undertakes to accept liability for its obligations hereunder for the full duration of the Licence Agreement and its extension(s) if applicable.



a)             The Licensee will be liable for the Licence Charge due in respect of the Accommodation they are allocated during this Licence Period as per Schedule 5;

b)             On commencement of this Licence Agreement the Accommodation Type was recorded in Schedule 1;

c)             Notwithstanding 5(b) above, where the Licensee and the Licensor agree that the Licensee may move during the Licence Period to an alternative type of accommodation within the Residence, or the Licensee is moved under the provisions of 5(d), the Licensee will be required to pay the new Licence Charge due for the new accommodation from the actual day of the move; and

d)             The Licensor, acting reasonably, may require the Licensee to move to alternative accommodation, but the Licensor will use their reasonable endeavours, where practicable, to move the Licensee to accommodation of an equivalent or higher type than that which the Licensee occupied immediately prior to the move. Any increase in the Licence Charge will not be charged to the Licensee;

e)             The Licence Charge is payable by the Licensee as detailed below:

I.              where the Licence Agreement commences mid-week, the Licensee will be charged for the full week beginning on the nearest Saturday to the commencement of the Licence Agreement to the following Saturday regardless of the day this Licence Agreement begins.

f)             No room key will be issued to any Licensee where the Licence Charge due has not been paid;

g)             All Licence Charges are to be paid to the Licensor’s main office in advance by debit card, credit card or bank transfer (with all charges to be paid by the Licensee);

h)             If the Licensee fails to pay on reasonable request any outstanding Licence Charge, Fees, or costs owed under this Licence Agreement, they will be given Notice to Quit and may have their details passed to an appointed debt recovery agent for pursuance of the debt; and

i)              The Licensee will be liable for any administrative or other charges arising from the processing of the Licensee’s payments to the Licensor


6.             DEPOSIT

a)             Where reflected on the accommodation invoice and on the signing of this Licence Agreement the Licensee paid a deposit, receipt of which the Licensor acknowledges;

b)             The payment of this deposit will not entitle the Licensee to withhold or delay payment of any other sum due under this licence;

c)             The deposit is to be held to secure the compliance of the Licensee’s obligations under this Licence Agreement (without prejudice the Licensor’s other rights and remedies).  If at any time during the period the Licensor is obliged to draw upon it to satisfy any breaches of such obligations, then the Licensee will immediately make such additional payment as is necessary to restore the full amount of the deposit held by the Licensor;

d)             The Licensor reserves the right to deduct from the deposit any sums due to the Licensor and any reasonable costs incurred by The Licensor as a result of any breach under this Licence Agreement by the Licensee or any of their visitors and any bank charges incurred as a result of the deduction;

e)             Upon request, the deposit will be refunded within twenty-eight days of the termination of the Licence Agreement (however that happens), by refunding the amount due back by Bank transfer, less any transaction charges deducted by the sending or receiving banks. The Licensee must provide details of the return bank account to ensure prompt refund of any deposit due.

f)             Such deductions may include, but are not limited to, costs in respect of cleaning and/or repair to any damage caused to the Residence and its fixtures and fittings or equipment contained within and without, outstanding Licence Charges and any reasonable associated administrative charges, fire alarm fines, and any other reasonable costs or charges outstanding at termination of this Licence Agreement;            

g)             If the deposit remains unclaimed one year after the date of termination of the Licence Agreement, the funds will revert to the Licensor and the Licensee will forfeit any claim against the Licensor for these funds;

h)             The Licensee will be charged with any costs due to the Licensor pursuant to this Licence Agreement which remain outstanding on termination of the Licence Agreement and after full deduction from the deposit as in 6(b) above. In such instances, the conditions of 5(g) may be applied to recover any balance the costs as a debt; and

i)              The Licensor may make a levy on the deposits of all or some licensees, to pay for the cost of cleaning and/or repairs to any damage caused within the Residence, other than by trespass, where the culprits are not traced;

j)              If the Licensor transfers its interest in the Residence then the Licensor will procure that the transferee agrees in writing with the Licensee to observe the provisions of this clause before the deposit may be paid to the transferee;

k)             The deposit is acknowledged as belonging to the Licensee subject to the provisions of this licence.



7.1           Conditions of Residence

The Licensee agrees to accept and observe the following conditions which are designed to:

a)             ensure that the welfare of the Licensee, other residents, the Licensor’s staff and members of the local community are safeguarded and protected, and

b)             enable the effective management of the Residence in pursuance of the Licensor’s objectives.


7.2           Fire Alarms

The Licensee agrees:

a)             to read and obey the fire regulations displayed around and applicable to the Residence;

b)             to be familiar with the evacuation procedures as instructed by the Licensor;

c)             not to burn candles or incense anywhere within the Residence

d)             not to obstruct, block, interfere with or misuse any fire doors or fire escape routes;

e)             not to remove, damage, or interfere with any fire prevention or fire-fighting equipment, notices or any such items provided to ensure the safety of residents. Licensees are reminded that it is a criminal offence to tamper with any such items;

f)             in particular, to observe any conditions in the fire regulations which are designed to prevent false alarms; and

g)             Licensees who the Residence Manager or staff of the Superior Owner reasonably believe have neglected to follow these conditions will be liable to pay the fines within the stated time as detailed in the fire alarm regulations.


7.3           Health and Safety

The Licensee agrees:

a)             not to behave in a manner as to endanger themselves and/or other persons and to take reasonable care for the health and safety of both themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions;

b)             to co-operate with the Licensor in complying with the Health and Safety legislation

c)             not to, intentionally or recklessly, interfere with or misuse anything provided in the Residence in the interests of health, safety or welfare.


7.4           Behaviour

The Licensee agrees:

a)             to conduct themselves in a manner which does not disrupt or interfere with the peaceful residency of other  licensees or members of the local community or to cause them or others nuisance or annoyance whether or not through the consumption of alcohol;

b)             not to do anything in the Residence which is illegal or immoral or use the Residence for any illegal purpose;

c)             not to hang on the outside or the inside of the Residence, walls or window any flowerbox, flower pot or similar object or any clothes or other articles;

d)             not to block or put noxious or damaging substances into the sinks, baths, lavatories, cisterns, or waste or soil pipes in the property or allow them to overflow;

e)             not to leave the entrance doors of the Residence open or change any of the locks of the Residence or have any duplicate keys made;

f)             not to commit any form of threat or harassment to others nor commit any act which causes physical harm to others;

g)             not to cause any noise which, if made within the Room, can be heard outside the Room or, if made within the Building Common Areas can be heard outside the Building Common Areas or, if made within the Flat Common Areas can be heard outside the Flat Common Areas;

h)             not to keep or allow any animal, bird, insect, fish or reptile at the Residence;

i)              to observe any reasonable request from other licensees, occupiers, members of the local community, the Licensor staff or the staff of the Superior Owner to control excessive noise or behaviour;

j)              to cook only in the kitchen and never leave any item on/in the cooker unattended;

k)             not to hold any television in the Residence without holding a television licence and obtaining the prior written consent of the Residence Manager or the Licensor and

l)              to observe any reasonable rules which the Residence Manager may issue from time to time which prohibit activities or actions which would cause a breach of the conditions (a) to (l) above.


7.5           Premises

The Licensee agrees:

a)             use the Residence carefully so as not to cause damage to the Accommodation, Residence, fixtures and fittings and equipment contained within to ensure that it remains a pleasant and safe environment for residents, visitors and the staff and agents of the Licensor and the Superior Owner;

b)             not to cause damage to property of other residents, the staff of the Licensor and the Superior Owner or members of the local community;

c)             to take proper precautions to prevent the escape of water from the Accommodation/Residence;

d)             not to do anything which may invalidate the insurance of the Residence or entitle the insurers to refuse to pay out policy monies or to increase the insurance premiums;

e)             to maintain their Accommodation in a clean and tidy condition, as at the date of this Licence Agreement, wear and tear excepted, having particular regard to the Common Areas which are shared with other licensees;

f)             to operate the service media and electrical devices in the Residence in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and not change, damage, alter or interfere with them in any way and to ensure that any electrical appliances which do not belong to the Licensor comply with all relevant standards and regulations;

g)             to inform the Residence Manager promptly of any item which requires repair or replacement;

h)             not to decorate, paint or alter any part of the Residence nor make any structural alterations or additions to the Residence;

i)              that the Licensor accepts no responsibility for loss or damage however so arising to the property of the Licensee;

j)              it is in their best interest to effect a suitable insurance policy in respect of their personal items kept in the Accommodation or Residence, acknowledging they are fully responsible for protecting and safeguarding their personal property against all risks of loss or damage;

k)             not to leave the Accommodation unoccupied or vacant for any period exceeding two weeks without an arrangement having been made with the Licensor;

l)              whenever the room is left unattended, they will fasten securely all deadlocks or other locks and bolts fitted to doors and windows of the Accommodation;

m)           to accept the Accommodation and Residence as being in good and tenantable repair and condition and fit for the purposes for which they are used or intended to be used, unless the Licensor is informed in writing of any defects in the condition and repair within 48 hours of the start date of the Licence Period;

n)             to reimburse the Licensor on demand the cost of remedying any damage caused to the Residence or any part of the Residence by the Licensee and/or their visitors; and

o)             they do not have exclusive possession of any part of the Accommodation or Residence and the identity will be at the absolute discretion of the Licensor.


7.6           Visitors

The Licensee agrees:

a)             to take full responsibility for their visitors and limit their number to 4 at any one time;

b)             to ensure that visitors comply with the Licensee’s obligations, particularly in respect of those conditions regarding fire alarms, health & safety, behaviour, premises and prohibitions and exceptions, and not allow them to commit a breach of these conditions;

c)             not to allow anyone under 16 to stay overnight on the premises

d)             not to let anyone share occupation of the Accommodation or any part thereof;

e)             not reside at the Residence as a guest of another Licensee or otherwise once the Licence Period has ended;

f)             not to assign this Licence Agreement without the prior written consent of the Licensor;

g)             not to receive paying visitors in the Accommodation;

h)             to respect the right of the Licensor or the Superior Owner to refuse admission to any non-resident. Any person so excluded will, on entering the premises, be reported to the authorities for trespass. The Licensee agrees not to invite or allow any person they know to be so excluded into the Residence;

i)             to ensure that any guests/visitors the Licensee may have to the Building comply with the provisions of this Licence Agreement as regards use of the Room or Building and the Licensee agrees that they will be responsible for the conduct of such guests/visitors and will be in breach of the Licence Agreement if they fail to comply with the provisions of this Licence Agreement in relation thereto;

j)              subject to clause 7.9, that the Licensor will accept no responsibility for loss or damage however so arising to the property of the Licensee’s visitors and they are invited on to the Residence on this understanding only.


7.7           Management of the Accommodation

The Licensee agrees to:

a)             allow the Licensor, the Superior Owner or their staff or agents access to all areas of the Accommodation at any reasonable time during the Licence Period on reasonable prior notice (except in the case of an emergency where no notice may be given) to carry out any of the following actions:

I.              repair or paint the Residence;

II.             make any structural or other necessary repairs to the Residence;

III.            examine the state and condition of the Residence; or

IV.            show the Accommodation and/or the Residence to any prospective Licensees or purchasers.

b)             allow the Licensor, the Superior Owner or their staff or agents access to all areas of the Accommodation without notice if

I.              We suspect that the licensee is using illegal substances such as drugs or other substances harmful to health including legal highs

II.             To allow us to check on your welfare if we have information or suspicion that you are at risk and we have not been able to raise you or get an acknowledgement through knocking at your door.

III.             Where we are requested to allow access by the Police or other Emergency Services with or without a warrant

IV.             To carry out Emergency Repairs

V.             Any other reason which in the opinion of the Licensor requires urgent or immediate access to your room

c)             register with a local general practitioner to ensure that prompt medical attention is available if required;

d)             keep safe any keys issued to the Licensee and to report promptly to the Residence Manager if such keys are lost or stolen. A reasonable charge will be payable for replacement keys and locks; and

e)             not reveal to any non-resident any code numbers which provide entry to the Residence or any part thereof.


7.8           Prohibitions & Exceptions

The Licensee agrees not to:

a)             smoke anywhere within the Residence;

b)             generate any unpleasant smells;

c)             conduct any business from the Accommodation or Residence and to use it in any way other than as a private residence;

d)             bring into or store in the Residence firearms, offensive weapons, pyrotechnics (fireworks, flares, etc.), candles, hookah pipes, any type of heater or any article, substance or liquid which is of a dangerous combustible nature;

e)             use a fire escape or connecting fire door for any reason other than their intended use in case of fire or threat of fire;

f)             have water fights of any description or use the internal or use the External Areas for any recreational activities, e.g. football, rugby, frisbee, cricket, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc.;

g)             use in any part of the Residence any high powered audio equipment, including mixing decks;

h)             go onto any part of the roof or roof voids, equipment room or cupboards or staff-only areas;

i)              consume anywhere in or bring into the Residence or its External Areas any form of illegal drugs or substances;

j)              hold any parties in the Residence whatsoever or to hold any parties within the Communal or External Areas without the prior written consent of the Residence Manager or the Licensor;

k)             erect any external wireless or television aerial or satellite dish;

l)              obstruct any means of access within or without the Residence or its External Areas;

m)           remove any of the contents of the Accommodation or Residence;

n)             bring into the Residence any animal, bird, insect, fish or reptile unless the animal is an aid for a person with a disability.  The Licensee is requested to notify the Licensor in advance if an assistance animal is needed as adjustments may need to be made to accommodate it.  The Licensee will be responsible for its proper care and control and any damage or nuisance caused; and

o)             bring into the Residence or store in the Accommodation any type of bicycle (bicycle storage is available).


7.9           Miscellaneous

The Licensee agrees:

a)             to comply with all other or further obligations made by the Licensor in addition to or substitution for the existing obligations or any which the Licensor may, acting reasonably, deem necessary;

b)             not to do, or permit or suffer any person exercising or purporting to exercise the rights given in this Licence Agreement to do, anything on or in relation to the Residence that would cause the Licensor to be in breach of their obligations or any other agreement they are a party to;

c)             nothing in this Licence Agreement will affect the Licensee’s statutory or other legal rights.



a)             The Licensee is only permitted to terminate this Licence Agreement if in accordance with 8(b) and/or 8(c) below;

b)             If the Licensee terminates this Licence Agreement more than 4 weeks before the Booked Date of Arrival, they will no longer be liable for the contractual obligations. In this case, the booking fee is non-refundable and it cannot be transferred to another applicant or another tenancy period. If the Licensee terminates this Agreement 4 weeks or less before the Booked Date of Arrival, the Licensee will remain liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Licence Agreement, unless they can offer proof they fit any of the following criteria:

I.              The Licensee has failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into their first University of choice (72 hours to provide proof from release of exam results)

II.             The Licensee’s UK Visa application has been denied

III.            Extenuating circumstances e.g. ill-health, family circumstances

Where proof is required, the cancellation will be granted and the Licensee will no longer be liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Licence Agreement.

c)             Where the reason for cancellation cannot be provided in line with the time scales specified in 8(b), the Licensee will remain liable for the full contractual rent unless and until a replacement tenant is found for the accommodation. The Licensee will be responsible for finding an eligible replacement tenant, although site staff will assist where possible. If a replacement tenant is found, the Licensee will be released from the contractual obligations laid out in the Licence Agreement, and any rent money will be refunded to the Licensee. The booking fee will be retained.

d)             If the Licensee wishes to leave the Accommodation at any time after the commencement but before the expiry of the Licence Period, they must give notice of this effect to the Licensor. The Licensee will be solely responsible for filling the vacancy in the Residence created by their departure by finding a suitable replacement licensee. If the Licensee succeeds in finding a suitable replacement, they must notify the Licensor immediately;

e)             The Licensor is under no obligation to accept the replacement licensee. Should the Licensor agree on the suitability of the replacement licensee and agree to terminate the Licence Agreement, the Licensor will confirm this in writing to the Licensee. The date of termination of this Licence Agreement will then take effect on the date that the licence agreement with the replacement  licensee commences (and not with effect from any other date);

f)             If the Licensor notifies the Licensee that they may terminate this Licence Agreement in accordance with Clause 8(d), the Licensee will be responsible for all Licence Charges for the period up to and including the date on which the termination takes effect or the Licence Period ends, whichever occurs first;

g)             The deposit and any applicable refund due (less appropriate Fees) to the Licensee will be returned within twenty eight days of receipt of the replacement  licensee’s deposit and Licence Charge for the Licence Period; and

h)             Any notice given pursuant to Clause 8 will be validly given if it is in writing and given by the Licensee to the Licensor at Cottons Centre, Cottons Lane, London SE1 2QG (either by first class post or hand delivery to the office) or given by the Licensor to the Licensee, left with the Licensee in person or, if the Licensee is still in residence, at the Accommodation, or if the Licensee if no longer in residence if sent to the licensee’s last known address.



a)             The Licensee will give the Licensor vacant possession of the Accommodation;

b)             The Licensee will leave those parts of the Residence for which he or she is responsible in a state of repair and condition consistent with his or her obligations under this Licence Agreement, fair wear and tear excepted;

c)             The Licensee will remove all rubbish and leave the Accommodation in a clean and tidy condition, fair wear and tear excepted;

d)             The Licensee will remove all personal possessions from the Residence. The Licensor accepts no responsibility for anything left at the Residence at the end of this Licence Agreement;

e)             The Licensor reserves the right to dispose of any items left at the Residence by the Licensee at the end of the Licence Agreement and to deduct any sums owing to the Licensor by the Licensee from the sale proceeds; and

f)             Room keys must be handed into the office no later than 10.00am on the termination date. Licensees who retain their keys may be liable, at the discretion of the Licensor or the Operations Manager, for the full cost of replacing locks and keys for all areas of the Residence to which their keys allow access.


10.           GUARANTEE

a)             The Guarantor guarantees that the Licensee shall pay the Licence Charge and any other amount due under this Licence Agreement and observe and perform the Licensee’s covenants under this Licence Agreement and that if the Licensee fails to pay the Licence Charge or other amount due or to observe or perform any of the Licensee’s covenants, the Guarantor shall pay or observe and perform them

b)             The Guarantor covenants as principle obligor and as a separate and independent obligation and liability from its obligations and liabilities under this clause to indemnify and keep indemnified against any failure by the Licensee to pay the Licence Charge or other amount due or any failure by the Licensee to observe or perform any of the Licensee’s covenants under this Licence Agreement.

c)             If the Licensee breaches the Licence Agreement at any time during the Licence Period, the Manager reserves the right to advise the Guarantor of any such breach without prior notice.

d)             The liability of the Guarantor shall not be reduced, discharged or otherwise adversely affected by:

i.              any time or indulgence granted by the Licensor to the Tenant:

ii.             any delay or forbearance by the Licensor in enforcing the payment of the Licence Charge or other amount due or the observance or performance of any of the Licensee’s covenants under this Licence Agreement or in making any demand in respect of them

iii.            the Licensor exercising any right or remedy against the Licensee for any failure to pay the Licence charge or other amount due or to observe or perform the Licensee’s covenants of this Licence Agreement

iv.            the Licensor taking any action or refraining from taking any action in connection with the Security Deposit: or

v.             the Licensee dying or becoming incapable of managing his or her affairs


11.           DATA PROTECTION

The Licensee (and to the extent applicable, The Guarantor):

11.1          hereby consents to the use of personal data in accordance with the terms of this clause.

11.2         agrees that the Licensor will hold certain personal data (as defined in the Data Protection act 1998) about the Licensee as a result of the information provided to us in connection with this agreement. This information will be held and processed by the Licensor and for purposes connected with this agreement and will do so in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection act 1998. The above permission includes the use by us of your personal data to assist in the prevention of crime or to protect the vital interest of you or any person.

11.3         gives the Licensor express consent to use the Licensee’s personal data to undertake searches against sanction lists maintained by United Kingdom or United States governments including that maintained by the united kingdom treasury and the united states office of foreign assets control or any other government list from time to time considered appropriate by us.

11.4         agrees that such permission also includes disclosure of personal data to any potential purchaser of the building from the landlord.

11.5         the Licensor uses data processing systems that are located in countries outside of the European Union. In entering into the agreement the Licensee agrees to the international transfer of personal data so that the Licensor may hold it in such systems. The transfer of data will not affect your rights or our obligations to the Licensee under the Data Protection act 1998.

11.6         is able to opt-out of our processing of personal data about the Licensee to the extent that such processing is not required for us to exercise our rights or to discharge our obligations under this Agreement.


Residential Licence Agreement Schedule


SCHEDULE 1 - Accommodation & Licence Period

Accommodation means a single unit en-suite room which comprises part of the Residence.


Licence Period

Licence Start Date:                              {Licence Start Date}

Licence End Date:                               {Licence End Date}


SCHEDULE 2 - Services

  The Licensor will endeavour to ensure the following services are provided at the Residence:

1.             Repairs;

2.             Lighting and heating;

3.             Hot and cold running water;

4.             Electricity supply;

5.             Disposal of rubbish deposited in proper receptacles;

6.             Access to wireless internet via the main internet service provider.


SCHEDULE 3 - Reasons for termination of the Licence Agreement

1.             The Licensee has failed to pay Licence Charges or Fees due to the Licensor under this Agreement.

2.             The Licensee and/or their visitors did or omitted to do anything placing the health and safety of other residents, staff, agents or neighbours of the Residence at risk.

3.             The Licensee and/or their visitors have intentionally, maliciously or recklessly caused damage to the Residence, fixtures and fittings or equipment contained within it (fair wear and tear excepted) or made additions/alterations to the Residence or fixtures and fittings without the permission of the Licensor.

4.             The Licensee and/or their visitors have used the Residence for any illegal purpose.

5.             The Licensee has invited or allowed visitors into the Residence who they know to have been previously excluded under the terms of 7.6(g).

6.             The Licensee has failed to comply with or has breached any other term of this Licence Agreement.


SCHEDULE 4 - Rights Granted

For the duration of the Licence Agreement, the right is granted to the Licensee to share and use the Common Parts, Shared Facilities and External areas with other licensees and occupiers of the Residence, of which the Accommodation forms part.


SCHEDULE 5 - Licence Charges


Room Details

Building:                                               {Site Name}

Room Type:                                          {Room Type}

Room:                                                   {Room Number}


Payment Details

Total:                                                      {Total Rent Amount}


The details of the instalment plan you have chosen are displayed below.

{Instalment Amount}


SCHEDULE 6 - Inventory

An accommodation inventory will be supplied on arrival at the Residence to confirm room contents.  Their condition can be agreed between the Licensee and Residence Manager or staff, and held at the Residence.


SCHEDULE 7 - Agreement Signatures

This is a legal document. If you are unsure of the what you are being asked to sign, please seek legal advice.


Tick here to sign the Residential Licence Agreement: [Tick Box]