Edinburgh University

One of the UK's top rated research universities, Edinburgh University is also the city's oldest uni. The University of Edinburgh campus is conveniently located in the centre of the city, just next to the beautiful Meadows. Edinburgh University campus is home to some of the city's most iconic and historically significant buildings, including the McEwan Hall, the Old College, the New College, and the Old Surgeons’ Hall found at High School Yards. It is a beautiful, historical environment in which to study!

Our student accommodation buildings in Edinburgh - iQ Grove and iQ Fountainbridge - are easy to reach from the university, and are located just round the corner from each other. Both are found in Edinburgh's city centre, within easy walking distance of landmarks like Edinburgh Castle, the Meadows, and St Giles Cathedral as well as Haymarket train station. Our sites are conveniently located to give our students easy access to the city centre, Edinburgh University, and everything else the city has to offer; there are some lovely cafes, bars and shops nearby meaning that iQ tenants can experience the Edinburgh student lifestyle to the full!


  Distance Bus Car / taxi Walk Cycle
iQ Grove 1.2 miles 16 minutes 10 minutes 22 minutes 8 minutes
iQ Fountainbridge 1.2 miles 13 minutes 5 minutes 22 minutes 9 minutes


Edinburgh College of Art is also part of the University of Edinburgh and is located within walking distance of both iQ accommodation buildings. You can find more information about the College of Art here.

How to find Edinburgh University from iQ Fountainbridge and iQ Grove

With both iQ Fountainbridge and iQ Grove Student Accommodation found less than a mile away from Edinburgh University, it isn't hard to see why many Edinburgh University students choose to live with us at iQ Student Accommodation!

On days when the sun is shining (or you're just feeling particularly healthy) you can walk to uni from either iQ Grove or iQ Fountainbridge in approximately twenty to twentyfive minutes. Take a detour to walk alonside the Meadows for a very pretty stroll that'll only take a couple of minutes more...

Alternatively, there are a number of really convenient buses that will take you in and out of Edinburgh university. Look out for the number 2 and the number 35 buses! A student 'Ridacard' bus pass for Edinburgh will cost you just £13 a week, or £40 a month and gives you unlimited travel during the day.

But the quickest, healthiest and easiest way to get to your lectures is by bike! Cycling to and from Edinburgh University campus will take you less than ten minutes and you can keep your bike safe in the secure cycle storage offered at both iQ Grove and iQ Fountainbridge.

For days when you're in a hurry - or if you have a lot of stuff to take to university with you - a taxi from either iQ site to university should take less than ten minutes and will cost you around £5, depending on the time of day.

Edinburgh University contact details

General Enquiries

  • 0131 650 1000
  • communications.office@ed.ac.uk

Visitor Centre

  • 0131 650 2252
  • communications.office@ed.ac.uk

Student's Association

  • 0131 650 2656
  • reception@eusa.ed.ac.uk

The Advice Place

  • 0131 650 9225
  • advice@eusa.ed.ac.uk

Did you know...

  • Edinburgh University has more than 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • The University of Edinburgh is over 400 years old! It was established by a Royal charter from Hames VI in 1582.
  • Famous alumni from Edinburgh University include Charles Darwin, J.K. Rowling, Chris Hoy, Gordon Brown, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • In 2014, Edinburgh University was ranked 18 out of all UK universities in the Guardian's University leage tables.