Birmingham City University (BCU)

Home to around 22,000 students, Birmingham City University attracts students from all over the World. The university used to be called the "University of Central England in Birmingham" but changed it's name in 2007 to become Birmingham City University, also known as BCU. The university has three main campuses in Birmingham; City Centre Campus (sometimes called the Parkside Campus), City North Campus and City South Campus. There are also many other buildings and facilities associated with Birminhgam City University based around the city, including University House, The Pavilion, Birmingham Conservatoire, the School of Art on Margaret Street and the School of Jewellery in Birmingham's beautiful Jewellery Quarter.
All of BCU's locations are easy to get to from Broderick House Student Accommodation, which can be found a short walk from the city centre just next to Five Ways Station. And with its enviable central location, it isn't surprising that Broderick House is a popular choice of accommodation for BCU students.
  Distance Bus Train Car / taxi Walk Cycle
City Centre / Parkside Campus 1.6 miles 23 minutes - 10 minutes 36 minutes 11 minutes
City North Campus 3.8 miles 39 minutes 27 minutes 13 minutes - 21 minutes
City South Campus 0.9 miles 13 minutes - 4 minutes 18 minutes 6 minutes


How to find Birmingham City Unversity from Broderick House...

BCU students looking for somewhere to live in Birmingham will be pleased to know that Broderick House is situated a short walk from the bustling city centre and just moments from Five Ways train station - giving you easy access to the whole city. Broderick House is less than a mile from Birmingham New Street Station in the city centre and is easily reached by foot, car or bus.
Broderick House is also less than 2 miles from BCU's main City Centre Campus (also known as the Parkside Campus after the Parkside Building which was opened there in September 2013). You can walk to the City Centre Campus in just over half an hour, or cycle in approximately ten minutes. A few minutes' walking from Broderick House will take you to some really useful bus stops - found just next to Five Ways roundabout - where there are a huge number of buses to and from uni, including the 9, 22, 23, 23A, 24, 29, 29A, 120, 127, 128, 129, 140, 141. Wow, what a list!
The City North Campus, found three miles north of Birmingham city centre, is large and bustling, conveniently located moments from Perry Barr train station. Jump on the train at Five Ways station (just a few minutes' walk from Broderick House) to get the train to Perry Barr in about twenty minutes, changing at Aston Station. Alternatively, there are a number of buses that will take you to and from the unviversity, including the number 98 and 99. You can cycle there from Broderick House in approximately twenty minutes; simply head into town and then take the A34 up to the university campus. Driving will take less than quarter of an hour.
City South Campus - also known as the Edgbaston Campus and home to the Seacole Building - is less than a mile away from Broderick House Student Accommodation. Both are located close to Five Ways roundabout, with Five Ways station offering easy access to the whole city. It will take you less than twenty minutes to reach by foot, and about six minutes by bike - super easy and super cheap! If you're feeling more lazy, there are a number of great buses to choose between if you're heading to the City South Campus - the number 10, 10H, 22, 23, 23A, 24, 29, 29A buses should all get you there in less than quarter of an hour.
Whichever campus you're heading to, you can get a 'Network Student Ticket' that will cost you from £202 a term and covers both your bus and train travel.



Birmingham City University contact details

General enquiries

  • 0121 331 5000

Student Services

  • 0121 331 5588

City North Campus

  • 0121 331 6801

City South Campus

  • 0121 331 7070

City Centre Campus

  • 0121 202 2900

Students' Union Advice Centre

  • 0121 331 6801



Did you know...

  • Birmingham City University is attended by around 22,000 students hailing from 80 countries around the world.
  • In 2010, Birmingham City University was awarded a Times Higher Education award for 'Outstanding Student Support'.
  • Birmingham City University was ranked as a top 10 UK university for spending on facilities in 2012 and 2013 by The Complete University Guide.