Cass Business School

Cass business school (which is actually officially called Sir John Cass Business School) is based in the centre of London. An extremely prestigious business school with a very good reputation, people come from around the world to study at Cass - in fact, about two thirds of the 4,000 students who attend Cass are international students. Part of City University London, the Cass Business School is located independently from the rest of City Uni near Barbican and Moorgate Tube Stations.

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  Distance Bus Tube Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 0.6 miles 9 minutes - 12 minutes 5 minutes
iQ Hoxton 1 mile 16 minutes - 20 minutes 9 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 2.6 miles 16 minutes 16 minutes 50 minutes 16 minutes



From iQ Shoreditch...


From iQ Hoxton...


From iQ Bloomsbury...


How to find Cass Business School from iQ Shoreditch

Both Cass Business School and iQ Shoreditch are based in the East of central London, so it's easy to get to your lectures in time.

Walking/Cycle: The walk will take you less than fifteen minutes, simply head down City Road. Or you can cycle the same route in about five minutes. You can store your bike in our secure on-site cycle storage at iQ Shoreditch for no extra fee.

Bus: You can also jump on one of the many buses that run near iQ Shoreditch - the 44, 81, 81A, 214, 609, 702, 747 will all take you towards uni and give you a journey time of approximately ten minutes.




How to find Cass Business School from iQ Hoxton

iQ Hoxton, based only 1 mile away from Cass and in the bustling Hoxton area, make it a great choice for Cass students.

Walking/Cycle: iQ Hoxton, is just a short journey by foot or bike to Cass Business School, taking you down Kingsland Road, along Old Street, past Old Street roundabout and on to the City Road.

Bus: Alternatively, the 243, 42, 55, or 229 buses from near iQ Hoxton will get you to uni in about fifteen minutes. 





How to find Cass Business School from iQ Bloomsbury

iQ Bloomsbury is based just minutes away from three tube stations; Euston Square, Warren Street, and Euston - making it a super convenient base from which to explore the whole of the city.

Tube: To get to Cass from iQ Bloomsbury, jump on the Circle line from Euston Square to Moorgate, or get the Northern Line from Euston to Moorgate.

Bus: If you prefer the bus, the 128, 242, and S2 all run to Moorgate aswell. Moorgate is just a seven minute walk to Cass Business School, making your complete journey approximately fifteen minutes.

Cass Business School contact

General Enquiries

  • 020 7040 8600