London College of Fashion

Living at iQ whilst studying at the London College of Fashion will make getting to your lectures quick and easy.

The Curtain Road, Golden Lane or Mare Street campuses are located closest to iQ Shoreditch and iQ Hoxton making them an ideal choice, and you'll be surrounded by plenty of inspiration in this trendy area. Whilst the college's main campus, based in John Prince's Street just off Oxford Circus takes just 9 minutes on the Victoria line to Warren Street tube station, which is just a short walk from iQ Bloomsbury.

Find us:
iQ Shoreditch, 2 Silicon Way, London, N1 6AT 
iQ Hoxton, 67 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AG
iQ Bloomsbury, 200 Euston Rd, London NW1 2FA

Get in touch: 
iQ Shoreditch | T: 020 7478 9458 | E: shoreditch@iqsa.co.uk
iQ Hoxton | 020 7739 9199 |  E: hoxton@iqsa.co.uk
iQ  Bloomsbury | T: 020 7952 6856 | E: bloomsbury@iqsa.co.uk

How to reach Curtain Road from iQ Shoreditch, iQ Hoxton or iQ Bloomsbury

iQ Shoreditch: You can walk to campus in just over ten minutes. Or jump on a bus, choose from the 135, 205, 21, 43, 76, 141, 214 or 271.

iQ Hoxton: You can walk in less than 10 minutes or cycle in around 3 minutes. Alternatively take bus 67, 242, or 243.

iQ Bloomsbury: It's slightly further, but you can still get there in less than 20 minutes by taking the Northern Line from Euston to Old Street and then walking. Or take the Circle or Metropolitan Line from Euston Square to Liverpool Street and then bus 35, 47, 78, or 135.


  Distance Bus Tube Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 0.5 miles 8 minutes - 11 minutes 4 minutes
iQ Hoxton 0.4 miles 6 minutes - 9 minutes 3 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 2.7 miles 33 minutes 18 minutes 55 minutes 20 minutes








How to reach John Prince's Street from iQ Shoreditch, iQ Hoxton or iQ Bloomsbury

iQ Shoreditch: Take the Northern Line from Old Street to Euston and then take the Victoria Line two stops south to Oxford Circus. Alternatively, there are a number of different bus routes you can take, choose from the 76, 23, 135, 205 or 55.

iQ Hoxton: You can take the Overground to Highbury and Islington and then change to the Victoria line to take the tube to Oxford Circus. You can also take the 242 bus from outside iQ Hoxton and then change onto the 23, or vice versa.

iQ Bloomsbury: You can get on the 88 bus or take the Victoria Line just 1 stop from Warren Street station to Oxford Circus.



Distance Bus Tube Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 2.7 miles 23 minutes 21 minutes 55 minutes 22 minutes
iQ Hoxton 3.2 miles 26 minutes 30 minutes - 25 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 1.1 miles 17 minutes 8 minutes 23 minutes 9 minutes