London Metropolitan University

Home to nearly 30,000 of London's students, London Metropolitan University was created by the merging of London Guildhall University and the University of North London in 2002. With a number of sites and buildings based around the city, the university has three main locations in North/Central London; these can be found in Holloway, Aldgate and Moorgate. London Met students looking for somewhere to live in London will find that our three London accommodation sites - iQ Bloomsbury, iQ Shoreditch and iQ Hoxton - offer a great choice of accommodation whether you're based at Holloway, Aldgate or Moorgate.


Holloway Site

  Distance Bus Train Tube Car / taxi Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 2.1 miles 32 minutes - 20 minutes 17 minutes 42 minutes 15 minutes
iQ Hoxton 2.3 miles 27 minutes 25 minutes - 14 minutes 47 minutes 15 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 2.4 miles 30 minutes - 20 minutes 20 minutes 49 minutes 21 minutes


Aldgate Site

  Distance Bus Train Tube Car / taxi Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 1.1 miles 18 minutes - 19 minutes 14 minutes 23 minutes 7 minutes
iQ Hoxton 1 mile 15 minutes 17 minutes - 11 minutes 20 minutes 6 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 3.3 miles 52 minutes - 22 minutes 22 minutes - 22 minutes


Moorgate Site

  Distance Bus Tube Car / taxi Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 0.7 miles 8 minutes 7 minutes 9 minutes 16 minutes 8 minutes
iQ Hoxton 1.1 miles 19 minutes 16 minutes 12 minutes 23 minutes 10 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 2.5 miles - 14 minutes 16 minutes 52 minutes 18 minutes


How to reach the London Met Holloway Campus from iQ Shoreditch, iQ Hoxton or iQ Bloomsbury

The closest iQ Student Accommodation building to London Met's Holloway site is iQ Shoreditch; just a 15 minute bike ride away or less than three quarters of an hour by foot if the sun is shining! To get there by public transport, take the Northern Line from Old Street to King's Cross St Pancras. Here, change onto the Picadilly Line to get to Holloway Road Station in hardly any time. Alternatively, there are a number of buses that will take you from iQ Shoreditch to campus including the numbers 43 and 271.

From iQ Hoxton, you can walk or cycle to Aldgate Campus or take a number of public transport options; the overground will take you from Hoxton to Highbury and Islington which is just a short walk along the Holloway Road to get to campus. The number 271 bus will take you straight there! Get off at the Liverpool Road stop for a very short walk from uni. If you're feeling super lazy, a taxi should take you about quarter of an hour depending on traffic and the time of day.

From iQ Bloomsbury, there are some easy public transport options to the London Met facilities at Holloway. Walk to Euston and take the Northern or Victoria Line to King's Cross St Pancras where you can change to the Piccadilly Line to reach Holloway Road. Alternatively, the number 91 bus is probably the best bus to and from campus; pick it up at Euston Station and get dropped off at Caledonian Road, less than 10 minutes walk from uni. Perfect!


How to reach the London Met Aldgate Campus from iQ Shoreditch, iQ Hoxton or iQ Bloomsbury

From iQ Shoreditch, choose from the bus numbers 135, 205 or N205 to reach London Met's buildings in Aldgate in less than twenty minutes. Or you can take the Northern Line from Old Street to Bank, walk to Monument and then take the District or Circle Line to Aldgate East Underground Station, which is just a short walk from campus. If you're feeling healthy, the whole journey will only take about 25 minutes to walk or less than 10 to cycle.

From iQ Hoxton, you can get the overground to Shoreditch High Street or the bus 242 down to Commercial Street, both of which are about ten minutes away from the Aldgate campus. Again, it's a short and easy walk to Aldgate from this accommodation; you can easily do it in twenty minutes on foot. If you prefer to bike, this will take you about 6 minutes, depending on traffic.

Although iQ Bloomsbury is much further away from Aldgate than iQ Shoreditch or iQ Bloomsbury, it is still really quick and easy to get there by tube - and even cycling will only take about twenty minutes! From iQ Bloomsbury, the tube journey is quick, easy, and direct; simply hop on the Circle or Metropolitan lines at Euston Square and get off at Aldgate East - simple! If you prefer to travel by bus, the number 205 bus is probably your best option, although this will take longer than just getting the tube.


How to reach the London Met Moorgate Campus from iQ Shoreditch, iQ Hoxton or iQ Bloomsbury

iQ Shoreditch is very well positioned for students at London Met's Moorgate site. From iQ Shoreditch, it's only one stop on the tube to Moorgate - just take the Northern Line from Old Street and the entire journey should take you less than ten minutes. Or there are plenty of buses that run down City Road towards Moorgate; the numbers 21, 43, 76 and 141 are all good options. Alternatively, because we're so close to uni, walking or cycling are super easy options! The journey should take you approximately quarter of an hour by foot or less than ten minutes by bike.

From iQ Hoxton, it will take you less than half an hour to walk to Moorgate. The same journey will be approximately ten minutes on a bus, depending on traffic. Take the 242, 21, 76 or 141 buses down Shoreditch High Street and you'll be dropped a short walk from the campus. Alternatively, you can walk down to Old Street tube station and take the Northern Line one stop to Moorgate. - whichever route you take, you can comfortably get to uni in less than half an hour.

From iQ Bloomsbury, there are plenty of options for reaching uni... Hop on the Northern from Euston Station to Moorgate to reach uni in about quarter of an hour. Or go to Euston Square and take the Circle, Metropolitan or Hammersmith & City Line directly to Moorgate. If you want to take the bus, walk up to King's Cross to take the number 214 bus round to Moorgate.

London Metropolitan University contact details

General Enquiries

  • 020 7423 0000

Students' Union

  • 0207 133 4171

Student services

  • 020 7133 2094

Did you know...

  • London Metropolitan University was formed in 2002 when London Guildhall University and the University of North London merged together.
  • With nearly 8,000 international students from 155 countries studying at the university, London Met is one of the most diverse universities in the UK.
  • Well known alumni from the university include Jamie Theakston, Henry Irving, and Alison Moyet.