Resident Summer Stay – Ticketmaster Prize Draw offer terms and Conditions

Resident Summer Stay – Ticketmaster Prize Draw offer terms and Conditions





‘Eligible Participant’ means, subject to clause 2, a Resident that has:

  1. booked a room at the same iQ Offer Property as their academic year booking for Summer 2022 for a minimum of 7 nights;
  2. made the booking referred to in paragraph (a) between 00:01 GMT on 25th April 2022 and 23:59 GMT on 6th May 2022;
  3. paid in full for the booking referred to in paragraph (a) by 23:59 GMT on 6th May 2022;
  4. made the booking referred to in paragraph (a) directly with Us;
  5. entered into a tenancy agreement directly with Us or a company in the iQ Group; and
  6. opted to receive marketing communications from us. 


‘You’ means the applicant for a tenancy for Summer 2022. 


‘Resident’ means an individual who is currently living in an iQ Offer Property for the 2021/22 academic year or has a booking for 2022/23 academic year.


‘iQ Group’ means the Property Manager and any person which is from time to time a subsidiary undertaking of the Property Manager, a parent undertaking of the Property Manager and any other subsidiary undertaking of such parent undertaking.


 ‘Us’ or ‘We’ or ‘Property Manager’ means IQSA Services Limited acting as property manager on behalf of the iQ Group. 


‘HEI’ means a higher education institution, including universities. 


‘iQ Offer Property’ means iQ Abacus House; iQ Aldgate; iQ Alice House; iQ Altus House; iQ Arkwright House; iQ Aspley House; iQ Astor House; iQ Bankside; iQ Bloomsbury; iQ Brighton; iQ Bristol; iQ Brocco; iQ Broderick House; iQ Castings; iQ Century Square; iQ City; iQ Collingwood; iQ East Court; iQ Exchange; iQ Fenton House; iQ Fiveways House; iQ Fletcher House; iQ Great Newton House; iQ Grosvenor House; iQ Hammersmith; iQ Hayes Wharf; iQ Haywood House; iQ Highbury; iQ Hollingworth House; iQ Hoxton; iQ Kingston; iQ Knight House; iQ Kopa; iQ Lambert & Fairfield; iQ Leeds; iQ Little Aspley House; iQ Magenta House; iQ Manchester Gardens; iQ Marsden House; iQ Newland House; iQ Newtown House; iQ Parker House; iQ Pavilions; iQ Penworks House; iQ Sawmills; iQ Shoreditch; iQ Steel; iQ Stephenson House; iQ Sterling Court; iQ Student Quarter; iQ Studios 51; iQ The Arcade; iQ The Brickworks; iQ Tufnell House; iQ Twerton Mill; iQ Ty Willis House; iQ Weaver Place; iQ Wilmslow Park.


‘Summer 2022’ means from and including 25th May 2022 to and including 2nd September 2022.


‘Ticketmaster’ means

‘Ticketmaster Voucher’ means an electronic voucher or physical voucher card with £100 credit to be issued to winners (or replacement winners, as applicable) of the Draw that can be spent on Ticketmaster for a duration of 12 months after the date on which it is activated by You (subject to clause 12).


Summer Stay - Ticketmaster Prize Draw terms and conditions  


1. Eligible Participants will be automatically entered into the Draw (as defined below) for a chance to win one of five available Ticketmaster Vouchers.  


2. Residents will not be Eligible Participants if they have booked their accommodation through an HEI (including via a referral agreement) or have not entered into a tenancy agreement directly with Us (for the avoidance of doubt this includes any circumstances where an HEI or any other third party has acted as an agent of Us).  


3. There will be five winners selected at random amongst all Eligible Participants on 13th May 2022 at 13:00 GMT (the “Draw”).  


4. The winners selected at random in the Draw will be notified by email no later than one month after the Draw has taken place. 


5. We will use reasonable endeavours to contact the winners using information You have provided Us. If a winner does not respond within 14 days of the first notification, then the winner forfeits the right to claim the prize and we will issue the relevant Ticketmaster Voucher to a replacement winner randomly selected as a backup at the time of the Draw. 


7. Subject to clauses 8, 9, 10 and 11, We will issue the Ticketmaster Vouchers to the winners (or replacement winners, as appliable) of the Draw by no later than 30 September 2022.


8. We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to revise the date that the Ticketmaster Vouchers will be issued to the winners (or replacement winners, as applicable) of the Draw provided that We notify the winners (or replacement winners) of the Draw of the revised date by no later than 31 August 2022.


9. No cash amount will be paid.


10. The decision to reward Ticketmaster Vouchers is at the absolute discretion of Us.


11. We reserve the right to withdraw, modify or substitute Ticketmaster Vouchers for another prize of equivalent value at any time and without notice during this promotion. 


12. You agree that any Ticketmaster Voucher issued to You shall expire 12 months following the date of purchase by Us of the Ticketmaster Voucher if it is not activated by You.