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Guidance for Completion of your iQ Short Assured Tenancy Agreement

- Your Short Assured Tenancy Agreement is displayed on the portal.

- Please print off two copies of your tenancy agreement, and sign them.

Signing instructions:

You should sign the tenancy agreement at the bottom of the document, where there is space for the ‘tenant’ signature. You must also include the date you signed the tenancy agreement here.

You will also require a witness to sign the tenancy agreement too. This person simply needs to have witnessed you signing the tenancy agreement and can be anyone at all – a parent, sibling or friend. They will need to sign the document and include their details in the relevant section at the bottom of the document.

  • Once both copies of the tenancy agreement have been correctly signed, you should keep one copy – this is your copy of your tenancy and you should keep this safe – and you should return the other copy to iQ.
  • Please do not return the tenancy agreement to the address contained within the document – this is our head office address and will result in unnecessary delays in processing your documentation. The relevant addresses to send it back to are at the bottom of this page, depending on which iQ building you are going to be living at.
  • When you post the tenancy agreement back to us, please make sure that you pay the correct postage. If you live in the UK we would recommend that you use Recorded Delivery via the Post Office to ensure that we will receive it.
  • Once we have received your tenancy agreement, we will update your application accordingly and you will be able to move onto the next stage of the online portal application process.


If you have booked a room at Parker House in Dundee, please send your completed tenancy agreement to:

Parker House, 15 Parker Street, Dundee DD1 5RW

If you have booked a room at iQ Edinburgh, please send your completed tenancy agreement to:

iQ Edinburgh, 114 Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH11 1AB

If you have booked a room at iQ Elgin Place in Glasgow please send your completed tenancy agreement to:

iQ Elgin Place, 240 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JW