Security, Safety and Emergencies



Your safety and security is the most important thing to us. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your stay without having to worry about your personal safety or theft. You will receive a unique fob/key when you arrive that will give you access to the building, your accommodation and the Social Hubs. This means that no one can walk into the building without a fob/key and no one can get into your room apart from you.
Visitors will therefore need to be let in. They can let you know when they arrive via the intercom, but you will need to meet them at the front door as you will not have remote access to open the door from your room.
You should not hold open an outside door to a person you do not know even if they look like a student. If in any doubt ask to see some form of ID that links them to the site and/or refer them to reception or security staff.
The whole site, both inside and outside the building, is covered by CCTV for your safety and peace of mind. We also have a security officer who will be based on site at key times.



We want to make sure that you and your personal belongings are safe throughout your stay with us, whether that's when you're in the building or out and about in town. This is why we've created a Safety page to give you some really helpful tips on keeping safe. Make sure you read it thoroughly before going out to town.



Please read all of the information on our Fire page. This will tell you everything you need to know about fire safety in order to keep yourself and everyone else in the building safe.

Please be aware that your fire evacuation point is Junction of Pitt Lane and Mappin Street (From iQ Steel main exit, cross the road and follow the lane to the other end). Make sure you know exactly where this is for future reference. 


Weekly Fire Alarm Testing

Every iQ accommodation site performs weekly fire alarm testing. The alarm is a short sharp sound. If the alarm sounds for a prolonged amount of time then please follow the evacuation procedure.
Your weekly fire alarm test will be every Monday at 1pm. 



First aid is vital in an emergency.  Most of the staff on site are first aid trained; it's important that you contact them immediately after calling 999 if there is a serious accident, so that they can help the injured person. It is also important you call a memeber of staff in order for them to direct the emergency services once they arrive.

Situations in which an ambulance should be called include, if someone is:

  • unconscious or has been slipping in and out of consciousness
  • bleeding heavily
  • struggling to breathe

Should you need to call 999 and ask for an ambulance you will be asked:

  • Your location
  • Number of people injured
  • The nature of the injuries

If there is something wrong and you don’t believe it to be serious enough for an ambulance, you can contact reception who are all fully qualified first-aiders, or call the NHS non-emergency number 111. 


Medical Conditions

We would advise that if you have an underlying medical condition, that it is disclosed to the Accommodation staff as soon as you arrive, so as to assist us in managing any potential situations that may arise.


Electrical Failure

If you have an electrical emergency, like water near electrical equipment or sockets, then contact the Accommodation team immediately. Do not touch bare wires, sockets or switches and don't touch light or socket switches with wet hands. 

If the electricity has failed check to see if anyone else on your floor is experiencing the same problem. Power failures could be out of your control and usually power cuts last no more than 2 hours. If your electricity has failed then go to reception and let them know; if it's a power cut they will call the electricity board to find out what the problem is and keep you updated.

Please be aware that some foreign appliances may have different volt/amp/watt ratings which means they may not work correctly in the UK and could cause the electricity supply to your room to trip out. The UK's electricity is supplied at 230 volts, so make sure that your appliances comply with that volage.

Do not overload sockets with multi plug adaptors as this presents a fire hazard. It could also cause the electricity in your room to trip out.


Water Leaks and Stoppages

Water leaks can cause a good deal of damage to your home and is an inconvenience to tenants in surrounding flats. They can also be very dangerous if water leaks into electrical fittings so don’t touch any electrical sockets or devices that have been affected by water and call the Accommodation Team immediately.

If you can contain the water then please do so and let the Accommodation Team or Security Officer know as they can turn off the water at the stop cock. Then report the leak, no matter how small, to the Accommodation team by going to Reception or calling 0114 275 7955. If it is out of normal working hours call the emergency number on 0774 7145 140 and we can get it resolved as soon as possible.

In the event that the water fails and does not run when you turn on the tap, please contact reception who will advise you as this may relate to an external or building wide problem. Do not leave the tap turned on when water does not run as when the supply is restored it may flood your room if it is under high pressure. If you are out when this happens and a significant leave occurs we may charge you to repair the damage and for the hire of any dehumidifiers


Repairs and Maintenance

For emergency repairs out of normal office hours call: 07500 744 251. For emergency repairs during normal office hours call the Accommodation Team on: 0114 275 7955.

You can report any non-emergency repairs or maintenance issues on our Online Portal. For easy to follow instructions on how to report a maintenance issue using the portal, and in what timescale you can except your issue to be resolved please click here.