Think Green

Feel like you could be doing more for the planet? Or want to know what we’re doing to protect the environment? Then you need to know about Think Green. We’re on a mission to minimise our environmental impact, and there are many things you can do to minimise yours. Check out our six suggestions.

Don’t wait. Go green.



Be smart about heat. Keep it in and turn it down 



Don’t waste H2O… Shorter showers are the way to go 



Please switch them off, it makes a bigger difference than you might think 



Don’t leave things on standby, turn them off and unplug



Use a reusable shopping bag and don’t buy more than you need



Use our onsite facilities and give your rubbish a second life

And, as you’re doing your bit, we want to make sure that we’re continuing to improve too. For example, by buying from local suppliers to reduce transport emissions during delivery, using environmentally friendly cleaning products in all our buildings and minimising waste going to landfill.

Our partnership with the British Heart Foundation is a great example of this – we encouraged you to donate your old belongings to the charity, and you did. More than 77 tonnes of them, which raised over £136,000 for BHF, and that effort continues all year-round.

We have also reduced energy use in all our properties, installing energy-efficient LED lighting at most sites, and initiated an energy reporting system that keeps a close eye on all the energy we use. We have also switched to 100% renewable electricity across the iQ network.

Ask your site team to find out more about what your site is doing to Think Green. We would also love to see what you’re doing – share your stories on social with hashtag #iQThinkGreen.

Don’t wait. Go green.