Think Green

We know our residents care about the environment, and it’s important to us as a company that the actions we take are environmentally conscious and promote sustainability. That’s why we launched an initiative to bring all our work in this area under one banner – it’s called Think Green.

What does Think Green mean? Well, we’re not only on a mission to minimise our environmental impact, we want to make sure that we’re continually improving too. We’ve taken a number of steps to help do this, for example by minimising waste going to landfill, buying from local suppliers to reduce transport emissions during delivery, and using environmentally friendly cleaning products in all our buildings.

We have also worked hard to reduce our energy use and improve the efficiency of our properties, installing energy-efficient LED lighting at most of our sites, and initiating an energy reporting system that keeps a close eye on all the energy we use. We can now monitor the data from meters in our properties across the country in one place and almost in real-time, so we can spot opportunities to save energy faster.

Recently, we have also taken the step of switching to 100% renewable electricity throughout our estate – and stepped up our efforts to involve our residents in saving energy through the Think Green campaign. Perhaps you have seen the signs around your site encouraging you to think about your energy use – well, everyone’s contribution helps.

Thinking environmentally during your student years is a habit that will serve you well in later life. It’s good for your pocket as well as the planet – energy bills cost big, so knowing how to economise can save you a lot of money over the years. Being mindful of food waste can help you make smarter shopping decisions as well, saving you even more.

iQ has more than 28,000 residents across the UK, and we believe that everyone has a responsibility to the planet. So, we have put together some ideas of how you can help us in our mission to Think Green (and if you have ideas of your own, we’d love to hear those too).

Think green

We want all our iQ residents to get involved by thinking green – we can only achieve what we want to achieve with your help. You can encourage each other by sharing your Think Green moments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – use #iQThinkGreen so we don’t miss them! 

Meanwhile, look out for more news from Think Green soon.

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