Instalment structure

Ways to pay

Paying for your stay

We have designed our payment structure to be simple and convenient. Here are the answers to any questions you may have about payments which are generally in line with student loan payment dates.


When do I pay?

You can either pay for the whole year upfront, or in two or four instalments spread throughout the year. You will be informed of the due dates for these instalments during the booking process.

Our first instalment is usually due on 1st August each year but if this date has already passed you need to make this payment as soon as possible to secure your booking.

If you are planning on using your student loan to cover your costs, please be aware that you may not have received your loan before the first payment is due. To help with this, the first instalment will be smaller than the rest. We charge a small instalment so that we know you plan to arrive at iQ and also to help us get you into your new home as quickly as possible.

If at any time you're struggling to meet the payment deadlines it is important you speak to us as soon as possible. 


How can I pay?

Payment can be made by either credit or debit card through the iQ portal or our App.  You can also pay rent (but not your booking fee) by international bank transfer, via our partner Western Union.

We only collect rent directly and so payment should only be made via either of these methods during your stay with us.

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and Maestro.

For international bank transfer, you’ll be sent a link to the Western Union payment site when we're ready to collect your payment - the transfer is normally complete within three to four business days.


What happens if I don’t get accepted for my chosen university?

If, unfortunately, you need to cancel your booking with us because you haven’t got into the university of your choice or are having problems acquiring a visa, subject to the booking terms and conditions, your first instalment and your booking fee are fully refundable.

You can read more about the cancellation policy for properties in England and Wales here and for our properties in Scotland here.


What if I’m having difficulty making payment?

It’s important that you keep up with your payment schedule. If you can’t make a payment, please get in touch with your site accommodation team to discuss your situation as soon as possible. We are always keen to help our students and the best way to do this is by speaking to us – if you do not we may need to refer your non-payment to a third party rent collection agency.


Who should I contact if I have more questions?

If you have a question about your instalment dates or amounts, you can contact your site by phone or get in touch using our contact form


Do I have to pay the first instalment to secure my booking

You have to pay your first rent instalment when it falls due on 1st August or shortly after making your booking if you make it after 1st August to secure your booking.

I'm having trouble paying my first instalment this soon

If you are having trouble paying for your first instalment or your student finance is not in place, you can talk to a member of our team about your circumstances and see what we can do to help, you can contact your site by phone or get in touch using our contact form