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It's your move

We hope you are looking forward to your move to iQ. We have loads of useful information for you to take a look at to prepare you for move-in day.

Take a look at our animation which will take you through the whole check-in process from downloading the app to getting into your room.

At iQ, we have taken a number of steps to protect residents and staff; creating an environment where our residents can feel confident, relaxed and safe. We believe this is our essential role – to create a safe, welcoming home away from home for every student who chooses iQ.

To get a feel of what to expect on move-in day, we have created a short guide with some information and tips for living safely in your iQ home.

Resident handbook

Our handbook will answer any questions you may have about day-to-day life at iQ.

Read your handbook Read your handbook

Flexible start dates

If your course start date is delayed, you can move the start date of your iQ contract. 

Find out how Find out how

iQ Life

Find out more about our social clubs, resident groups, events and social media channels.

Get more than just a room Get more than just a room


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Early Arrivals

Want to arrive early? Front-load some extra time with us by adding a Summer Stay.

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Helpful articles

Browse our reading room for advice on what to bring, tips on decorating your room, our city guides and much more.

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Moving in: make yourself at home

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. If there’s something you need to know, take a look at our iQ FAQs.

Pre arrival/On arrival

I’m struggling to pay my first rent instalment. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble paying, it’s worth talking to your guarantor first – that’s what they’re there for. You can also ask your iQ team about possibly downgrading to a cheaper room or shorter tenancy if available.


I don’t like my flatmates. Help!

Don’t panic, things may settle down in time. If there are specific issues, have a word with your iQ team and we’ll see if we can help resolve things. If it’s really a non-starter, we might be able to offer you a different room (there might be a small admin charge depending on the reasons for the move).


I don’t like it here. Can I cancel my contract?

If uni isn’t for you or you’re just not feeling at home with us, speak to your iQ team first. If you can find someone to take over your tenancy, you’re free to go (See our cancellation policy here). Alternatively, we may be able to put you forward for ‘tenancy release’, depending on the reasons – we will often require proof of the circumstances to do this. Just be aware that there’s no guarantee you will be released from your tenancy obligations.

If you’re moving to a different university, we may be able to transfer you to a different iQ property – again, speak to your iQ team about this.


Can I change my room or contract?

Possibly, so it’s worth speaking to your iQ team about it. Usually, you can only downgrade your room or shorten your tenancy before 31st July. After that, you can usually only upgrade your room or increase your tenancy length. Talk to the manager of your site if you have any questions about doing this – they will help you if they can.


My contract start date doesn’t work for me. Can I move in another day?

Sure – as long as you have paid your first instalment, you can move in on any date after your contract starts. When you complete pre-arrival checklist, you can let us know your expected arrival date and time – this helps us make sure there’s someone there to welcome you when you arrive.

If you want to move in early, you’ll need to check this is possible by making an early arrival booking. This way we can check that your room will be available when you want it. 


My uni has changed the move-in date. Can I arrive later?

We know things are less certain this year, so we’ve made booking your student accommodation for 2020/21 as flexible as possible. If your uni start date gets delayed, you can change your move-in date. The latest date you can move in is two Saturdays before your course starts – for example, if your course started on Monday 26th October, you would need to move in by Saturday 17th October.


How do I contact the onsite team whilst Covid restrictions are in place?

You can get in touch via our app, or directly. You can find their details here


I’ve lost my keys – what do I do?

Let Reception know – you will need to buy a new key and/or fob and they can tell you how much this will cost. If it’s out of hours, show some ID to security and they will be able to give you access to your room. At some sites, they may also be able to take payment for a new set of keys and give them to you there and then.


Do I need to let you know if I go home for Christmas/Easter/the weekend?

You are free to stay through the entire length of your contract, but if you do go away it’s worth letting your iQ team know. If there was a fire or other serious incident while you are away, we’ll know you are safe. If anything else was to happen in your flat, we will also know you weren’t involved.


Can you arrange transport from the airport when I arrive?

Yes, we work in partnership with PingLocker who will be able to book airport transfers to deliver you straight to your new iQ home.

Settling in

Is there a calendar for social events?

On your iQ sites Facebook page you’ll find the events calendar. See what’s planned by heading to our events page and selecting your location. You can also tune into weekly Best Ever series of content @iQStudents on Instagram and join in a boxing workout, mediation session or painting tutorial!


How can I meet new people?

You can connect with residents of your own iQ site through its Facebook resident group, which you can find here. This is also a good place to get general updates from the team at your site.

iQ Clubs are a great way to meet residents from all over the country – you can join the BookClub or SupperClub here


Can I decorate my room?

Yes, but there are some things we ask you not to do – like sticking Sellotape or Blu Tack on the walls, and obviously drawing pins, nails and the like are a big no-no.

There are lots of ways to make your room feel like home. For more information check out iQ Life


Does my iQ site have a laundry room?

More than likely, it does. Most of our sites have a laundry room where you can wash and dry your clothes. These are operated by an independent provider, Circuit Laundry. You will need to pay to use the machines via a top-up card or their mobile app.

For our London residents, Pinglocker provides a convenient collection and delivery service for dry cleaning and laundry at an additional cost.


How will I get my post/mail?

Your post will be delivered to a lockable post box for your flat. Larger items or those that require a signature on delivery will be retained by Reception. We’ll let you know if there’s anything waiting for you there – you can help keep our office tidy by collecting your parcels asap.


Will my flat be cleaned?

No, that’s down to you and your flatmates. We’ll keep the common areas of the building, like the social spaces, reception and laundry, clean and tidy.

Many residents put a rota together so each person in the flat does their bit to keep it clean. If you would prefer to get someone in to do it, PingLocker offers a range of pro-housekeeping and room cleaning services.


Is there internet access on site?

Yes, all our sites are equipped with WiFi, accessible throughout the building at no extra charge. This service is provided by our internet partners, ASK4. If you have any issues connecting, you can find their contact details in your resident handbook.


Can I have overnight guests?

As a general rule, guests should be kept to a minimum for everyone’s safety, and all overnight guests should only stay in your own room. All guests must be signed in at reception. We ask that you comply with any Government guidance applicable at the time.


Do I have to be home by a certain time each night?

No, it’s up to you when you come in. But if you are returning late at night, please keep noise to a minimum out of respect to your fellow residents and neighbours.


All this moving is stressful. Can I have a cigarette?

While we do want you to feel at home, all our buildings are non-smoking for safety reasons, so please only light up in the designated smoking areas outside. Note, this also applies to e-cigarettes. Please be careful not to smoke near other residents’ windows – no one wants a room that smells of someone else’s nicotine.