Live together: the benefits of sharing a flat at iQ

You know you want some friends around during uni – but will sharing a house put pressure on your relationships? It’s not always easy, splitting bills, queueing to use the bathroom and waiting (and waiting) for your landlord to fix that heating. But… what can you do?

What you can do is considering sharing a different way, at iQ. You can still get a flat together, but everyone just pays their own rent, with all the bills included. No splitting, no ‘I’ll pay more next month’ and no strained friendships.

In most cases, each person will have their own en suite bathroom, so the queues are history too. And if something breaks or goes wrong, we’ve got maintenance teams on site to fix them fast.

Sound interesting? It doesn’t stop there… We’ve compiled a few more reasons why we think you – and your friends – will love living with us.


4 more reasons to live with your friends at iQ


Making more friends

Your friendship group can multiply fast when you and your flatmates make use of all the social facilities you’ll find at iQ. There is often a free-to-use gym on site, as well as cinema rooms, gaming spaces and the like alongside relaxed lounges. Our iQ Clubs and regular events (when possible) are also great ways to meet more people.

Short journeys to uni

Houses that have been converted to student accommodation weren’t originally built for that purpose, so won’t necessarily be located near your university. But that’s not a worry at iQ – we’re usually just a short walk away. The time saved means you can get more from your day, whether it’s extra study or chilling with friends after a long day. Plus, of course, your travel costs will likely be zero. Bonus.

Extra support

Moving away from home can be hard to adjust to, and for those moving to a whole new country, things can be trickier still. Our teams are ready to help you adjust to university life and, if you need support on a particular matter, they can direct you to a suitable source of assistance.

Special offers

Our cashback offers are something extra for you and your friends to enjoy.  As well as cashback when you book many of our rooms, you can also earn big by referring friends to iQ. You can use this when you share a flat too, so get a plan together now and everyone will have some extra cash to look forward to when you move in.