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"考文垂有着合适的城市面积, 在这里有很多有趣的事情可以做。"

它被命名为2019年英国欧洲运动之城,并将在2021年成为英国文化之城。此外,考文垂还会定期举行多种活动,包括考文垂喜剧节和家庭友好型免费音乐节Godiva,而在2018年,BBC的“隆重周末”将Liam Gallagher,Paloma Faith和Snow Patrol等人带到了考文垂的战争纪念公园。

这座城市到处都是艺术和音乐场所–华威大学校园内有令人印象深刻的沃里克艺术中心和现场演出的场地。考文垂大学的学生可以在The Hub的Square Square观看电影、现场表演和活动-该大学的学生生活中心也设有美食广场、咖啡店和便利店,以及健康中心和休闲中心。

考文垂有许多响亮的名号-它是英国汽车工业的发源地,并且与沃里克郡最著名的名人威廉·莎士比亚(William Shakespeare)有着密切的联系。它也具有国际影响力,拥有全英最多的友好城市名衔,与萨拉热窝、德累斯顿和贝尔格莱德等全球26个城市都结为友好城市。

我们新的考文垂公寓将于2020年开放,为2020/21学年做好准备。它位于Lamb Stree,距离市中心只有几分钟的步行路程,距离考文垂大学(Coventry University)则只有10分钟的步行路程。前往城市南部的沃里克大学的公交车站也在附近。




"As befits a place of its size, Coventry has a lot going on."


It was named the UK’s European City of Sport 2019, and in 2021 it will be the UK City of Culture. In addition, there are regular events like the Coventry Comedy Festival and the family-friendly free music festival, Godiva, while in 2018, the BBC’s Biggest Weekend brought the likes of Liam Gallagher, Paloma Faith and Snow Patrol to the city’s War Memorial Park.

The city is packed with arts and music venues – you will find the impressive Warwick Arts Centre, and the Copper Rooms for live gigs, on campus at the University of Warwick. Students at Coventry University can enjoy movies, live performances and events at Square One in The Hub – the centre of student life at the university which also offers a food court, coffee shop and convenience store, as well as centres for Health & Wellbeing and Spirituality & Faith.

Coventry has many claims to fame – it was the birthplace of the British car industry, and has links to Warwickshire’s most celebrated son, William Shakespeare, to name just a couple. It’s internationally minded too, claiming the record for the most twin towns of anywhere in Britain, with Sarajevo, Dresden and Belgrade among the 26 global destinations with connections to the city.

Our new Coventry site opens in 2020, ready for the 2020/21 academic year. Located on Lamb Street, it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre and around 10 minutes’ walk from Coventry University. Bus links to the University of Warwick, south of the city, are also nearby.






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