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在 iQ的生活是怎样的?这是个好问题。没有人比能比住在iQ完整体验过这里生活的学生更好地回答这个问题。毕竟,大学不仅仅是念书获得成绩。



让 iQ 学生公寓带你体验最优生活方式



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All the flavour and fun of great food

From virtual cooking classes to foodie giveaways, keep up to date by joining us on the iQ SupperClub Facebook group.

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Clubs at iQ

Our clubs are a great way to share your interests with other residents.

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Calling all book lovers

 Each month we'll announce the chosen book in our iQ BookClub Facebook group and 100 free books will be up for grabs.

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A taste of home while living abroad

The iQ Chinese Students' Club brings together students from all our  properties.

家. 氛围.

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Student life at iQ: real resident stories  

Lucy, a resident at iQ


I’m proud of making friends and memories

Your university years are about more than just studying. Learn about Lucy’s’ adventures – who lived at iQ Leeds while studying Fashion Design at the University of Leeds. 

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From Primrose Hill to Brick Lane

"London will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the city full of colour". Living with us at iQ Hoxton in the heart of London, check out Kanpitcha’s university memories while she studied at the University of the Arts London. 

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Spend time with people that make you happy 

Read more about Jake, a Film Studies student at the University of Sheffield who, moving from a rural town, chose iQ Fenton House as his city home. 

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