#ThinkGreen habits to start this year 

Think Green sustainability

Hey green thinkers. As we step into a new year, why not make it a time to commit to doing more? At iQ, we’re all about making the effort to Think Green. #ThinkGreen isn’t just a hashtag, it’s a call to action to stand up and do more for the planet. Here are some sustainable habits you can build to make a more positive impact. 


1. Choose to reuse  

Landfills are getting (land)full. Swap single-use items for more reusable options that stop waste going to landfill and instead give them a new life. You can start by investing in a decent water bottle, shopping bag, and reusable coffee cup. While these might seem like small things at the time, if you think about how often you order a takeout coffee or head to the shop when you’ve forgotten something – it all adds up to reduce your footprint.  


2. Try plant-based 

The debate between plant-based and not going plant-based is an ongoing one. Still, adding in some plant-based meals to your diet can be a great way of balancing your impact on the world with your food choices - the production of plant-based foods reportedly has a lower environmental impact than animal-based products. Join our SupperClub and you might get some veggie or vegan friendly meals to try in your kitchen.   


3. Plan your meals 

A lot of the things we throw away turn out to be food waste. You can reduce the food that you throw out by planning your meals ahead. Buy what you need, store your food properly and get creative with your leftovers. When you shop, look out for expiration dates and think of recipes that make the most of cupboard ingredients.  


4. Switch off, save 

Leaving your room? Turn off your appliances. Sun out? Turn off your lights. Small changes in your energy consumption can make a big difference for the planet. 


5. Waste less water 

Conserve water by taking shorter showers and only running a dishwasher or washing machine with full loads.  

Making a big impact can start with small steps. By kicking off habits at the start of the year, you might feel more responsible for keeping to it for the rest of 2024.