Get revision ready with a zen study space

Where do you normally study? We know options today are limited so the answer is likely ‘in bed with my laptop on my knees.’  But we want to help you change that. 

 As you may be spending more time in your student room than expected over the coming weeks, there is no better time to give your room a makeover - especially with exam season just around the corner. From motivational artwork to lighting there are lots of small changes you can make to transform your room into a zen space, made for both revision and relaxation.  

We’ve taken inspiration from iQ resident rooms that we think you'll love. So, kick back as we share some top tips for living zen.  


Keep it organised

A good workspace is a basic but crucial part of exam prep. Before starting to revise, you should try to get rid of as much room clutter as possible. (This 100% includes that laundry pile you should have put away 3 weeks ago.) 


Pinboard in an iQ room

Pinboard in an iQ room

Use folders to sort your notes and store your stationery in pots, like Maria’s room in iQ Astor House. Having to wade through lots of mess will just make it take longer to find things. The longer you take searching for your highlighter, the less time you’ll have for actual studying. A little Pikachu on your desk is a must though. 

Sticking to a study timetable is a favourite revision tip of many. Putting these, and any other notes and requirements on your wall, like in Jess’s room at iQ Astor Houseis a great way to make sure the important stuff doesn’t go missing.


Creative spark

They say to surround yourself with the things that you love, inspire you and make you feel happy – so why not do this with studying too? 

iQ room decor

iQ room decor

All iQ rooms have a pinboard; the ideal space to fill with any art, quotes and images you find motivating. Jessica’s very own wall of inspiration in iQ Pavilions has extra fairy lights and greenery that really brings her wall to life.  

Like Bryan’s wall in iQ Shoreditch, use photos of personal idols and legends or print a couple of pieces of motivational art. This part of your wall will radiate what drives you and what you want to achieve. What’s even better, you can update and swap in bits whenever you feel like it. Need inspiration? Head to Pinterest. 


Create a cosy corner

A bedroom should be a place of relaxation and solace, so make sure you set a specific area aside for this. 

Desk in an iQ room

Soft furnishings in an iQ room

Sav at iQ Weaver Place has added some warmth to her room by investing in a salt lamp, cushions and matching flowers. Try adding in a chunky knit or a faux fur blanket for your room to help make the switch from revision to relaxing easy. 

There’s nothing better than switching off after a long day of studying. Beanbags or large cushions are great for when you need a break. Place them in the sunlight like Mellissa’s room in iQ Knight House and they will be perfect for reading – and a brilliant seating alternative that doesn’t take up too much space.  



Let there be light

When it comes to solid studying, try to think about how you can make use of natural light as it helps you stay alert and motivated for longer. If you’re able to move your desk or chair, it’s a good idea to pick a spot that offers a lot of direct daylight. 

Late-night crammer? A good desk lamp can make a world of difference and can keep that dreaded sleepiness at bay. Get one that matches your room vibe like Heather’s in iQ Astor House

Lighting in an iQ room

Lighting in an iQ room

In the evenings, fairy lights are perfect for creating that zen ambience when you’re needing to unwind. We love the wall lights in Annie’s iQ Pavilions communal kitchen, perfect for kicking back with flatmates and listening to your latest Discover Weekly playlist.


Remember, studying is important but so is your health. Study burn out is no joke, so take that break – you deserve it.


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