Sharing a house versus student accommodation

If you have been looking for somewhere to live during your studies, you will realise there are many options open to you, from house shares to university halls and ‘purpose-built’ student accommodation like ours. Making a decision can be difficult, and we always recommend giving some thought to what is important to you before you go ahead.

The accommodation you will find at iQ has been designed specifically for students, so we believe it offers some advantages that the alternatives may not. Here are 5 things worth considering:


Making friends

Socialising and meeting new people is an important part of the university experience – some might say it’s the most important. So, the more places you can do that, the better. With flats of various sizes, our buildings offer you the chance to find a way to live with others that suits you – that could be with one or two others, or maybe a few. It also offers useful flexibility if you're planning on keeping your friends close by living with people you already know.

Want to widen your social circle beyond your existing flatmates? Gyms, cinemas and gaming rooms can be found at many iQ properties, and some even have areas based around creative interests like art or music. There will always be somewhere to socialise, and – when circumstances allow – regular events too.


Bills, bills, bills

No one likes them, but they’re a whole lot harder to deal with when you have to split them between a group and rely on others to pay their share. We include the cost of electricity, water and Wi-Fi in your rent, so you only need to make one payment to cover everything (which you can even do via our app!)


Onsite support

Moving away from home can be hard to adjust to, and for those moving to a whole new country, things can be trickier still. That’s why it’s reassuring to have people around you can talk to and ask for help when you need it. Our teams are always on hand to help you adjust to university life and, if you need support on a particular matter, they can often direct you to a suitable source of assistance.


Short journeys to uni

When you want to make the most of your time (and money), it’s all about location, location, location. Living close to your uni is a great idea, as you’ll be in the right place to enjoy everything that goes on at the Students’ Union, and you won’t be relying on public transport to get you to lectures and back again. Our properties are generally within a short walk of the universities they serve, and have lots of local amenities nearby too – really handy when exams are coming up and you want to maximise your productivity.


Special offers

We have created a few offers which you can benefit from when you – and your friends – choose to live with us. As well as cashback when you book many of our rooms, you can also earn big by referring friends to iQ. That means sharing cash with each friend you refer who comes to live with us. They can live in a different property or share a flat with you, and there’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer. In other words, it’s unlimited cash.


Want to know more about living with us? Check out iQ Life

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