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All of our tenants will be required to provide a guarantor. This is common practice for UK landlords and simply means that there is someone who agrees to pay the rent if the student is unable to do so. 


What does a being a guarantor mean?
  • A guarantor will be responsible for putting right any breaches of tenancy, including non-payment of rent if the tenant fails in their responsibilities.

Who can be a guarantor?
  • The guarantor should be a parent, guardian, relative or family friend of the student.
  • The guarantor should be in full time employment, and/or in a stable financial position to cover relevant payments as required. We will not run a credit check as part of the process of assessing guarantors.
What does a guarantor need to provide? 
  • The guarantor will need to sign a Guarantor Agreement, which will be sent to them by email. 
  • The guarantor will need to provide two of the following documents as proof of ID*;
    • Valid passport
    • Valid driving license
    • Utility bill dated within last 3 months

*Where possible, the bill name and address should be written in English. 


If you have any questions or need more information about your role as guarantor, please get in touch.