Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to IQSA Group Limited and IQSA Holdings S.a.r.l. and its associate and subsidiary companies forming the iQ Student Accommodation business. The full list of companies to which these terms and conditions apply can be found at the end of this page. Please ensure you read and understand them thoroughly. If after careful consideration you do not agree to use the website in accordance with them you should exit without proceeding further. By using the Company's website you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

Limitation of liability

Whilst this website is reviewed regularly and every effort is made to ensure its accuracy iQ Student Accommodation gives notice that all content on this website is set out only for the guidance of intending Purchasers or Lessees and does not constitute any part of an offer or contract. All information and statements set out on this website are given without any assumption of responsibility as to the accuracy of such information/statements and any intending Purchasers, Lessees and any other person should not and are not entitled to rely on them as statements or representations of fact, but must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of each of them. iQ Student Accommodation does not accept or owe any intending Purchasers or Lessees or any other person any duty of care nor shall be liable for any loss or damage that anybody may suffer (whether directly or indirectly) in respect of the content of these particulars. No person in the employment of iQ Student Accommodation has any authority to make any representation or warranty whatsoever on this website.

Nor shall iQ Student Accommodation be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from any interruption in availability, viruses, contamination, lack of technical specifications necessary for downloading or any other liability howsoever caused. In using the website the user accepts all risks pertaining thereto.


Other than the downloading of the website to a single personal computer and the printing of one hard copy for personal use, no information on the website may be reproduced or distributed in any form for commercial or business use without the prior written consent of an authorised representative of the Company. Any other use of the information including (but not limited to) its modification, republication and distribution are forbidden. The rights of any other owner of information contained on the website or on any links from it are reserved.

Website links

Provision of links to other websites does not constitute any endorsement of their content, nor does it constitute acceptance of any responsibility whatsoever in relation these sites or the contents thereof. You may not include a link to the iQ Student Accommodation’s website or use its contents in any other manner than as described in these terms and conditions without the prior written consent of an authorised representative of the Company.

Equality and diversity

We strive to treat each customer with dignity, integrity and without judging them. iQ Student Accommodation is committed to ensuring compliance with all local equality laws. iQ Student Accommodation subscribes to a universal policy for the achievement of equal opportunities and no person will be discriminated against because of race, colour, age, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other local laws protecting specific classes.

Information on the website

The material on this website (including these terms and conditions) may be changed by iQ Student Accommodation at any time. Use of the website will be modified with immediate effect by the posting of such a new version on it. In the event that any of these terms and conditions is deemed illegal, unenforceable or invalid under governing law it shall become divisible from the other terms and be deleted from the text.

Governing law

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English courts. No representation or warranty is made by the Company that the information and materials on or accessed through this website comply with legislative or regulatory requirements applicable to other areas in which this website may be accessed.

Application screening

In proceeding with this application, you give us express consent to use the details provided by you to undertake searches against sanction lists maintained by the Governments of the United Kingdom and United States and the Governments of other countries as we choose including those maintained by the United Kingdom Treasury and the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control. This will not affect your rights or our obligations to you under the Data Protection Act 1998 or the General Data Protection Regulations.

You have the right to ask us not to undertake such searches but in doing so we will not be able to progress your application.

Your contract

If as a result of the information provided on this website you decide to book a room with iQ Student Accommodation, your booking will be subject to our booking terms and conditions. You will be able to read these terms and conditions before you make any payment. These terms and conditions contain details of our cancellation policy.

Data protection

Click here to be directed to our Privacy Centre from where you can find out about iQ’s compliance with Data Protection legislation and read our Privacy Notice

iQ Student Accommodation companies

The companies that comprise the iQ Student Accommodation Group are:

Arcade Holloway Limited
Athena Asset 4 S.a.r.l
Athena Asset 5 S.a.r.l
Athena Asset 6 S.a.r.l
Athena Asset 7 S.a.r.l
Cain Management Limited
Capella (General Partner Jersey) Limited
Capella (Jersey) Holdco Limited
Capella UK Bidco 1 Limited
Capella UK Bidco 2 Limited
Capella UK Bidco 3 Limited
Capella UK Holdco 2 Limited
Capella UK Holdco Limited
Capella UK Mezzco 1 Limited
Capella UK Mezzco 2 Limited
Capella UK Mezzco 3 Limited
Capella UK Midco 1 Limited
Capella UK Midco 2 Limited
Capella UK Midco 3 Limited
Capella UK Pledgeco 1 Limited
Capella UK Pledgeco 2 Limited
Capella UK Pledgeco 3 Limited
Capella UK Topco Limited
Corsham Street Student 1 Limited
Elliot Edinburgh Limited
GSG Athena 2 Holdco S.a.r.l
GSG Athena 2 S.a.r.l
GSG Hermes S.a.r.l
GSGA II Real Estate S.a.r.l
Hermes Asset Group S.a.r.l
Hermes Asset Weston S.a.r.l
iQ Property Partnership
IQ (General Partner 2) Limited
IQ (General Partner) Limited
IQ (Shareholder GP) Limited
IQ Letting (General Partner 2) Limited
IQ Letting (General Partner) Limited
iQ Letting Property Partnership
iQ Properties S.a.r.l
IQ Shoreditch (General Partner 2) Limited
IQ Shoreditch (General Partner) Limited
IQ Shoreditch Letting (General Partner 2) Limited
IQ Shoreditch Letting (General Partner) Limited
IQ Shoreditch Letting Property Limited Partnership
IQ Shoreditch Property Limited Partnership
IQ Two (General Partner 2) Limited
IQ Two (General Partner) Limited
IQ Two Letting  (General Partner2) Limited
IQ Two Letting (General Partner) Limited
iQ Two Letting Property Limited Partnership
iQ Two Property Limited Partnership
IQSA (Athena) Limited
IQSA (Bloomsbury) LP
IQSA (Brighton) Limited
IQSA (Glasgow) Limited
IQSA (GP1) Limited
IQSA (GP2) Limited
IQSA (Hermes) Limited
IQSA (Huddersfield) Limited
IQSA (Oxford) Limited
IQSA (Wembley Court) GP1 Limited
IQSA (Wembley Court) LP
IQSA (Westbourne) Limited
IQSA Acquisition 1 S.a.r.l
IQSA Acquisition 2 S.a.r.l
IQSA Arcade Holloway Road S.a.r.l
IQSA Arcade LL S.a.r.l
IQSA Bainbridge S.a.r.l
IQSA Blythswood Limited
IQSA Century Square S.a.r.l
IQSA Chandos  S.a.r.l 
IQSA Commercial Road S.a.r.l
IQSA Coventry S.a.r.l
IQSA Development Finance 1  S.a.r.l 
IQSA Development Finance 2  S.a.r.l 
IQSA Elliot Edinburgh S.a.r.l.
IQSA Ewer Hammersmith S.a.r.l
IQSA General Operating Company Limited
IQSA Group Limited
iQSA Holdco Limited
IQSA Holdings S.a.r.l
IQSA Hume House  S.a.r.l 
IQSA Lewes Brighton S.a.r.l
IQSA LPS Nottingham Sarl
IQSA Manors (North) S.a.r.l
IQSA Manors S.a.r.l
IQSA Minster Limited
IQSA Newcastle Propco Limited
IQSA Newlands S.a.r.l
IQSA Nottingham Holding Company Limited
IQSA Paris Gardens S.a.r.l
IQSA Redeness 2 S.a.r.l
IQSA Redness York S.a.r.l.
IQSA Services Limited
IQSA St. George's Limited
IQSA St. George's S.a.r.l
IQSA Stephenson House Limited
IQSA Stephenson House S.a.r.l
IQSA Student HoldCo S.a.r.l
IQSA Telegraph  S.a.r.l 
IQSA Twerton Bath S.a.r.l.
IQSA UK City Aldgate Limited
IQSA Weaver Place Limited
Lewes Brighton Limited
LTS Paris Gardens (General Partner) Limited
LTS Paris Gardens Limited Partnership
Lugus Holding S.a.r.l
MP Newlands Limited
MP Newtown Limited
Opal Villas Limited
Pure Bankside Limited
Pure City Opco Limited
Pure Hammersmith Limited
Pure Highbury Limited
Redness York Limited
Titanium Athena S.a.r.l
Titanium Bloomsbury S.a.r.l
Titanium Minority Unitholder S.a.r.l
Twerton Bath Limited
UKSA 60 CR Limited
UKSA 60 CR S.a.r.l
UKSA City University S.a.r.l
UKSA Hammersmith S.a.r.l
Westbourne Holdings S.a.r.l
Westbourne Portfolio S.a.r.l
WH Student Accommodation S.a.r.l