Book with confidence

Book with confidence

We've made sure that you can book your room with confidence, whatever may happen.

Book with confidence

  • Exam grades: If you don’t get the grades you need for your first-choice university, you can cancel your booking at no cost.

  • UK visas: If you are unable to obtain a visa to study in the UK, we won’t charge you to cancel your booking.

  • Deferring your studies: If you defer your studies for a year, you can move your booking without penalty.

  • Safe and secure: All our properties have a 24/7 staff presence creating a home that's safe as well as welcoming.

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How do I book?

Booking online is quick and easy – it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

If you prefer, you can call us (it’s best to call the site you want to book at direct), or visit us at your chosen iQ location. You will need to pay a non-refundable booking fee to secure your booking, which can be paid by debit or credit card.

Can I book if I'm under 18

iQ does not accept parental responsibility for occupiers under the age of 18.

We require that all tenants living at one of our properties in England and Wales to be over the age of 17 or turning 17 during the academic year booked to live at iQ, and tenants living in our Scottish properties to be age 16 or over.

Exceptions to this rule are available in selected cases through prior arrangement. If in doubt, please contact your preferred iQ site and the team will be able to advise you.

Who can be my guarantor?

Your guarantor can be UK or International based, but must be aged 21 or over; not a full time student; or a current resident in an iQ property.

If you are unable to pay your rent and/or do not act in accordance with the terms of the your tenancy agreement, your guarantor will be under an obligation to pay any outstanding amounts.

Can I choose where my room is in the building?

Yes, you can specify where you would like your room to be – from those which are still available – at the time you book.

How do I qualify to live at iQ?

To qualify as a resident for iQ you must confirm that you are a student at a higher education establishment in the UK. 

I have a conditional offer from my university. Can I still book at iQ? Show more

Yes – if you don’t get the grades you need to be accepted by your chosen university then, subject to the booking terms and conditions, your booking fee will be refunded in full.

It may also be possible to transfer your booking to another iQ location, subject to availability. Call the site team at the iQ location you originally booked with as soon as possible if you need to do this.

Can I make a group booking?

Yes. If you’d like to share with friends, you can find and select rooms in the same flat on our booking portal. Alternatively, please speak to a member of the site team and they will be happy to help you.

Can I share my room with my partner?

We offer free dual occupancy across the majority of studios where both residents are students.

You'll see the dual occupancy symbol next to the room number if it is available when you select the room via the floorplan. We'll ask for your partner's details during the booking stages, 

If your partner is not a student, please speak to a member of the site team or contact us on and they may still be able to assist.