Best places for students to socialise in Nottingham

Nottingham Student life

Nottingham is one of the UK’s top uni cities, known for its buzzing student life. It’s home to multiple universities and has plenty of places for students to chill out and socialise. Find three of the best places to check out below.  


Nottingham’s Social Scene



This is the go-to for Nottingham students. Being a student-only club, it's hard not to see the appeal. A club can be a great place to socialise, whether with your friends or meeting new people on the dance floor. It’s the city's social hub for students, and Ocean also hosts a fancy-dress night every week. Find out more.


The Portland Building

The building is home to the University of Nottingham Students’ Union, which is worth joining if you’re looking to get involved with student life. It has a coffee shop and an outdoor cinema screen, both ideal settings for chatting or chilling with friends. But there are also plenty of events at the SU where you can meet new people - think pub quizzes, comedy nights, and even speed dating. Find out more.


Highfields Park

If you're into summer days and green space, you can take advantage of Highfields Park. You can go for a walk there and take in the open space with your mates. There's also a boating lake to use during the summer and an adventure golf course to battle it out on. Highfields Park has all the makings of a great day out while appreciating nature. Bonus: it’s right next to campus. Find out more.

These are just a few of the best locations for students to socialise – but explore the city, and you'll find loads more. And if you’re looking for somewhere to live in Nottingham – why not check out iQ’s new Nottingham accommodation.




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