Breaking down the Blue Monday blues

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You've probably heard about Blue Monday - the day tagged as the 'most depressing day of the year.' But guess what? We're flipping the script and turning this day into a blast with some mood-boosting tips.

1. Self-Care Shenanigans

Kickstart your day with a mindful morning routine. Try some meditation with Headspace or gather your pals for a cozy cuppa.

Let those endorphins flow. Sweat it out with a brisk walk or an impromptu dance party to uplift your spirits. 

Don't forget to grab your free Premium Headspace subscription for the year.

2. Positivity Power-up

Create a gratitude journal. Jot down three things that make your heart happy. It's a game-changer.

Embrace positive affirmations repeating uplifting statements fuels that positive mindset.

3. Connect & Collect Smiles

Virtual hangouts are a hit. Reach out to your squad or family for a laughter-filled chat. Connections are mood lifters.

Join online clubs or hobby groups to share your interests and find that much needed support from people that understand you.

4. Party with Passion

Dive into hobbies you adore - read that book, play a round of pool, or whip up your signature dish.

Pamper yourself with simple joys. Snag your favourite snack or set up a movie marathon in the cinema room.

5. When in Doubt, Reach Out

If those blues linger, don’t hesitate to chat with mental health pros. SHOUT or Student Minds are here to lend an ear. Plus, our City Wellbeing Ambassadors are here for that extra support when you need it. Chat to your iQ team for more info. 

Remember, Blue Monday might get the hype, but it's just a day. You're the star of your day, so gear up, spread joy, and make it shine.


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