Embrace the Unexpected: 2020 and beyond

Student life Embrace the Unexpected

In February 2019, we launched an important campaign, Embrace the Unexpected. And today, there are more and more ways to get involved.


At iQ, we want to create a home-from-home environment for all of our 28,000 students from around the world. An environment that helps build a sense of community and offers the opportunity to form meaningful relationships – the foundations for a happy, safe and connected life.


Challenges and choices

How we approach challenges has a huge impact on the university experience, the opportunities we take and the choices we make. While many thrive, for some, navigating university life, including making friends, is not so easy.

We wanted to understand why some students experience loneliness more than others and what could help. So, we kicked off our campaign with some insights we gained through our research with Relate, the leading relationship charity.


Chances and conversations

Our campaign encourages students to get involved and embrace the unexpected – to take a chance on new relationships, be open to trying new things, and find friendship in surprising places.

We made sure students were in the driving seat when it came to identifying ways to help – working with them to co-create a pilot programme we’re testing during 2019/20. The most effective ideas will be rolled out across all our sites in 2020/21.

If there’s a pilot happening at your site, please jump in and give it a go.  Your involvement could really benefit iQ residents for years to come.


What’s happening?

One of the easiest ways to Embrace the Unexpected at your iQ site is to get involved in our annual Wellbeing Week which take place in March. Be sure to look out for the posters around your site which will tell you what’s coming up closer to the time.


Remember, the first step might be the hardest, but it’s also the most important. So, be part of the change you want to see in student life and Embrace the Unexpected.


Download the full report

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