A Guide to Nottingham Student Services

Nottingham Student life

We know that uni can be challenging. Having the right support can be vital for maintaining your mental health. Here are the top services you can access as a student at the University of Nottingham


Nottingham Student Services


Advice and guidance

Nottingham University’s Student Union (UoNSU) has loads to offer. They have helpers on standby, ready to listen and offer advice completely independent from the University. Their advice topics range from wellbeing and housing to money and course advice. Whatever assistance you need, they’ll help.

The University of Nottingham also supports applicants, current students, and their families. They have trained professionals who can provide free advice on any visa issues or applications for you or your family.


Help finding part-time work

Being a student can be expensive, and sometimes you might need to take a part-time job to support yourself. However, finding a job that fits your schedule can be challenging. That’s where Unitemps comes in. They’ll help you find part-time work that suits your student lifestyle and timetable. They can also assist international students who need help finding work that complies with their visa.


Disability support

If you have mental health issues, a disability or a long-term medical condition, you can access specialist support services. All you need to do is make an appointment with the Uni of Nottingham to discuss your specific concerns and a support plan that can help.  


Listening and emotional support

Nottingham Nightline is a confidential listening service run by trained volunteer students for students and is open 24/7 during welcome and exam times. Whatever you're dealing with, you can call, instant message or anonymously email the team to talk it through without being identified, judged or rushed. 


So many services are available to students in Nottingham beyond the ones mentioned above. If you're considering studying in this fantastic student city, check out our Nottingham Student Accommodation to find your next home away from home to find your next home away from home, where 24/7 staff presence, wellbeing partnerships and City Wellbeing Ambassadors mean there’s always support, just around the corner.


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