Me time - how to evolve during the coronavirus crisis


These are exceptional circumstances we’re living in right now, and nothing could have prepared our minds for what was to come. Although it’s difficult, it’s important to try and see the positives of a situation: we have been given a whole load of ‘me time’ in which we can work on ourselves and come out the other side evolved. So how best to do this?


Positive self-talk

There are so many things out of your control right now, but one thing you can control is how you talk to yourself. You wouldn’t speak negatively about your friends, so why do it about yourself? Instead of telling yourself the things you don’t like about yourself, tell yourself the things you do like. You will find it helps you discover a new feeling of self-worth, but also of personal power.


Catch up on sleep

A lack of sleep can often lead to irritability and reduced productivity, which then leads to further irritableness. So, try to get seven to eight hours of good quality sleep every night. You can improve the quality of sleep through some simple actions such as reducing your caffeine intake or taking a relaxing bath before heading to bed. 


Practice gratitude

With everything going on in the world, it is very easy to feel downcast, but instead try and realise what is good in your life, what you’re grateful for. Mark out a point in your day in which you will write down three things you’re grateful for. You’ll be surprised by how much a greater sense of gratitude can attract even more positivity and good things into your life. 


Try meditation

The act of meditation revolves around trying to train your mind and being able to channel your thoughts, avoiding letting your mind wander. It has been proven to reduce stress which can help to lead to reduced anxiety, helping you to work on your mental wellbeing. There are many apps, such as the Calm app, to help you discover the benefits of meditation. 


Find forgiveness

Holding on to those negative feelings associated with when someone has done you wrong just leads to you feeling negatively. A lack of forgiveness leads to negative thoughts. So, try to find it within yourself to let it go, not necessarily for the benefit of the other person, but for yourself.


Whatever you decide to do during this time, make sure you are kind to yourself as you have the opportunity to be your own best friend – so take it.


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