Thanks for the memories - your best university days

Some of our best moments, proudest achievements and favourite memories come from our university days.

As the end of the academic year looms ever closer, a lot of students will either be starting your journey with us at iQ – or checking out and leaving for that next life challenge. Whether it be that first student union night out, or walking across the stage to graduate, there is no denying that your journey from a fresher to fully fledged graduate is one worth remembering.

On iQ Instagram last month, we decided to share the fond memories and pictures from three students’ university days. If you didn’t get see them, we’ll catch you up now! From favourite coffee spots to final exams – take a take trip down memory lane by looking at the stories (and photos) from Saskia, Maninder and Joanna. 


Saskia’s university memories

Hi, I am Saskia! I studied Management with Marketing at the University of Exeter, and today I am going to be sharing a few of my favourite memories from my time at university.


This photo was taken on my first night of Fresher's week with my flatmates. We barely knew each other at the time this photo was taken, but I am so happy we took it as we are now all really great friends and have all changed - it's hilarious to look back on!


This photo is of my second memory: my first time going to 'Hijacked festival' in second year after final exams were over. It rained the entire time, but it was so fun.

One of the best weeks I have had at Exeter!


My final memory: I undertook a placement year as part of my degree, which gave me the chance to live in London. This meant I was working as an intern in my third year. As well as gaining insight into the working world, I managed to scout out some great foodie spots too. 


Maninder’s university memories

Hi, I'm Maninder, and these are some of my favourite memories from my time at Oxford University.


I miss sitting around in coffee shops - sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. When alone, it would be my chance to either sit and ‘organise my life’, or just watch people, cyclists, tourists walk along the cobbled streets of Oxford from the foggy coffee shop windows. With friends, the coffee shop sometimes took a different form, it might have been a quick cuppa to debrief the antics of the night before, or a group study session.

I can still remember the smell of coffee hitting my nose as I stared at a blank document on my laptop, with nothing but the title of this week’s essay, thinking about how I was going to do this in the limited time, but knowing well and truly that I’d get through it with my friends and a bit of caffeine (okay, a lot of caffeine)

The coffee shop saw it all, which I why I guess I can’t wait to go back. A cappuccino. A slice of Victoria sponge cake. One photo, and I’m transported right back.


My second memory: whether it’s grabbing dinner with your friends or having a ‘Come Dine With Me’ night in, I miss the spontaneity of life at uni. So much to do and celebrate, even if I saw the slightest opening in my schedule - a 15-minute break between lectures - would be an opportunity for a plan.

Looking back at this photo from a formal dinner at St. John’s College reminds me of how much fun it was to get ready and just enjoy each other’s company over a meal. I used to take being able to grab a “quick bite” with friends for granted - never again after all of this!

Being able to make plans five minutes before they are going to take place is only really feasible at uni, where your best friends live a corridor away and no one further than a quick bike-ride. It’s a time like no other, and a place that I will always call my second home.


My final memory: Even when it comes to something as gruelling as exams, sitting them at home is nothing like being at uni, where you and your friends are studying, taking coffee breaks, worrying together and finishing exams together. 

Some might call it a silly Oxford tradition, but there’s something about having your friends waiting for you outside the exam hall after your last exam that would be the fuel to get you through the exam period. Hearing them cheer for you and congratulate you on completing such a big accomplishment was all you really needed.

Replacing that with the ‘Click to submit’ of an online exam has been nowhere near the same experience. Being able to celebrate an achievement like that together; feeling the weight off of your shoulders at the same time is truly magical.


Joanna’s university memories

Hi I'm Joanna and I studied at Glasgow University. Today I'll be sharing some my favourite highlights from my time at university.


Although not in Glasgow, the overall highlight of my university experience was without a doubt my year abroad in Copenhagen.

I fell in love with the city as soon as I got there - the scenery, the food (waffles on a stick a firm favourite), Tivoli gardens and the nights out. And best of all I made friends for life from all around the world.


This may sound a boring one but another one of my fondest memories from uni has been living with my best friends.

From halls in first year, our three-girl flat in second year and my final year just me and my best friend! There is nothing better than being able to do everything with your best friends, from giving each other support through hard times, to decorating for Christmas or getting ready for nights out!


And for my last photo... A lot of my favourite memories in Glasgow have been spent with good friends on good walks around the West End.

There aren’t many better ways to spend a Sunday than grabbing cake and coffee from Kothel, then heading to the Botanic Gardens for a stroll.


We hope you enjoyed reading these stories just as much as we did. Whether you are just starting your university journey or are coming to the end of it, we hope it leaves you with experiences and learning that will last for a lifetime. Share your stories with us by tagging our Instagram and #MyiQlife

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