What's your best year yet?

Uni's for making more of the moments that matter. At iQ, that means finding your best self, whether you're down for getting weird, set on staying zen or built for being boujie.

What will your year look like?

Zennest year yet  

In the hustle and bustle of student life, sometimes you just need a space to find your inner calm and focus. If you resonate with the idea of a "Zennest year yet," you're all about embracing tranquillity. You appreciate having the little things sorted so you can focus on the bigger picture – you’ve never got to think about your bills or wifi. The student grind is real, so with your own headspace subscription and our study space, you’ll be able to make every word count. 


Cosiest year yet  

For you, it's all about creating a cosy haven where teddy bears and cushions are there for your best moments. If a "Cosiest year yet" is your kinda thing, your space is the epitome of comfort, and you’re always up for a good night in. Your room is your own private place where you unwind, recharge and feel like your best self. With a double bed and en suite room, there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure.  

Boujiest year yet  

Are you a fan of the finer things in life? If a "Boujiest year yet" sounds like your style, you're all about turning your bedroom into your palace. Your room. Your way. Your room is a place where you can pamper yourself and feel like royalty with all the space you need and the privacy of an en suite bathroom. You’ll make the most of everything, because you know that’s what you deserve.  


Wildest year yet  

If you're a plant enthusiast, you’re ready for your "Wildest year yet". Your student accommodation is a thriving oasis of greenery and you can’t help but grab yourself a new plant whenever you see them on sale. You're all about embracing nature and injecting life into every situation. No spot is too small for a plant, and no gathering’s too small for a bit more energy. We’ve got the space, you make it your sanctuary. 

Shiniest year yet  

Whether you’re big on gaming, a last-minute essayist or always expecting a delivery, the stage is set for your “Shiniest year yet”. You’re the first to download the iQ app so you never miss a parcel. You’ve made the most of your study desk with the biggest set up your site has ever seen. You’re headphones on, LEDs lit and computer powered up at all times. The wifi’s on us so you can make your magic. 


Dreamiest year yet  

Make your “Dreamiest year yet” a reality. Your year is all about creating memorable moments with friends. Whether it's a rooftop party or games night, you want your space to be a hotspot for those creating those moments you can’t forget. You're all about bringing people together and making everything into something special. The karaoke room is your concert hall, the gym is your stadium and the rooftop terrace takes you to another world.  

Closest year yet  

Your "Closest year yet" is all about finding those people that speak to your soul. You know that this is the place where you’re gonna find your friends for life and you make the most of the moments where you’ll find them. You jump in to iQ socials, you’re an MVP in iQ Clubs, you know the hottest spots in the city just outside your door.  You’re in the right place. You set the mood. 

Weirdest year yet  

You're not afraid to meet new people and break the ice with something random. If a "Weirdest year yet" describes your personality, you're all about embracing the quirky and fun aspects of student life. Nothing’s too silly or outside of your comfort zone. You’re at the front of the line to try new things and help others to get weird along the way. Your room is a place where creativity knows no bounds, and every day is an adventure when you’re chilling onsite.  


Loudest year yet  

Not one for staying quiet, you’re always ready to bring the volume in your “Loudest year yet”. Whether you’re singing your heart out in the karaoke room or pumping everyone up in the gym, you’re here to make your mark and there’s no apologising for it. You’re the life of the party and everyone loves you for it. You make the most of soundproofing by singing yourself to sleep without feeling guilty. 

Sportiest year yet 

You’re not afraid to show off your competitive side, no matter the challenge. You’re a pro at table tennis and getting together with friends to play is about more than just having fun – you're here to win. If a "Sportiest year yet" defines your personality, your time at uni is all about action. You know the best spots for spikeball, you’re always in the onsite gym and you’ve always got your trainers on, ready for your next move.  


Boldest year yet  

You know how important this all is. Your "Boldest year yet” is all about being ahead of the game and putting your best foot forward. You’re getting ready for your first big job, with your suit and tie always hanging up for your next interview. The social spaces are your arena for crafting the perfect essay and mastering your CV. There’s no feat that’s too big and you know how to standout, no matter the situation.  

Proudest year yet  

This year’s about going big. You're a side hustle queen and you’re always on the lookout for that next opportunity. If you’re here for your "Proudest year yet", your space is a hub of productivity and innovation. It's where you bring your side hustle dreams to life, no matter how big or small. Whether you’re baking a cake for your mates or making your room an atelier, you put your all into everything you do.  

Here's to living your best year yet.