iQ Clubs

iQ Clubs

Welcome to the iQ clubs community, where you can stay connected and get involved and be entertained. Whether you’re a budding chef, a true crime aficionado or looking to meet new people, this is where you get even more from  iQ resident experience.

iQ Gamerclub

GamersClub at iQ

Gamers? Time to play. 

Join the ultimate gamers club, to meet and compete with your fellow iQ residents. Whether you are looking to create your own house in Minecraft, play in a fearsome FIFA tournament, or compete in Fortnite’s battle royale, the iQ GamersClub is available for you from the comfort of your own space.  


BookClub at iQ

Nothing beats a good book, which is why we have set up the BookClub at iQ.

Partnering with selected influencers and our publisher friends at Simon and Schuster, we’ve created an online community for iQ Residents to connect and chat through their latest literary adventure with other bookworms.

Each month sees a new title announced over on Facebook in the iQ BookClub group and members will get a chance to grab 1 of 100 free books!

…And who knows, you may even find other like-minded readers in your iQ property!


SupperClub at iQ

The perfect place to get together with your fellow student foodies.

Last year we launched SupperClub at iQ to bring our food-loving residents together in an online community.  With help from our friends at MOB Kitchen, the masters of inventive food at student-friendly budgets, we had a jam-packed year of cooking events, live classes and competitions.


iQ Chinese Student Social Club

The iQ Chinese Students' Club brings together Chinese from across iQ properties to foster a community while living abroad. Student ambassadors will be heading up the Club and organising events through WeChat and Weibo helping to develop a sense of Chinese society. There will be exclusive access to special meals, nights out, film nights, New Year celebrations, and more.

Fit club

FitClub at iQ

Work up a sweat with your flat mates.

iQ has partnered with Fiit App to bring residents the best of the best in workouts streamed wherever, whenever you want them.