iQ Clubs

MOB Kitchen x iQ SupperClub

SupperClubs will be bringing all the flavour, and fun, to iQ this year. Our friends at MOB Kitchen are the masters of inventive food at student-friendly budgets, and they will be cooking up a storm at a selection of iQ sites soon… maybe yours will be one of them? 

You can keep up-to-date with SupperClub goings on by joining us on the iQ SupperClub Facebook group – the place to get your hands on exclusive content and recipes from MOB Kitchen and other creative foodies. You can share your own culinary tips too, as well as the chance to win a SupperClub night on us.  In fact, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of good food goodness.

MobKitchen x iQ SupperClub

HarperCollins x iQ BookClub

Nothing beats a good book, which is why we've set up the iQ BookClub. Partnering with selected influencers and HarperCollins, we're providing an online space for you to discuss the latest reads with fellow students. Each month we'll announce the chosen book in our iQ BookClub Facebook group and 100 free books will be up for grabs. Not to mention you may find like-minded readers in your residence to strike up discussions with.

iQ book club