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SOAS is one of the colleges that make up University of London. Founded in 1916 (when it was called the School of Oriental Studies) SOAS specialises in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. Consistently ranked amongst the top universities in the UK, SOAS is both very prestigious and very specialised. It is located just to the North of central London on two campuses; the Russell Square Campus in leafy Bloomsbury and the Vernon Square Campus next to King's Cross St Pancras.

Our iQ Bloomsbury building could not be better located for SOAS students who want a quick journey between their university and their accommodation; you can walk to the Russell Square campus in about ten minutes! On the other hand, choosing to stay at iQ Hoxton and iQ Shoreditch will make it easy to experience the excitement of trendy East London while still enjoying an easy commute to and from SOAS - particularly if you're based at the Vernon Square Campus.


Russell Square Campus

  Distance Bus Tube Car / taxi Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 2.1 miles 27 minutes 22 minutes 17 minutes 41 minutes 15 minutes
iQ Hoxton 2.6 miles 33 minutes 31 minutes 21 minutes 53 minutes 18 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 0.4 miles 8 minutes - 4 minutes 9 minutes 3 minutes


Vernon Square Campus

  Distance Bus Tube Car / taxi Walk Cycle
iQ Shoreditch 1.4 miles 17 minutes 15 minutes 11 minutes 28 minutes 13 minutes
iQ Hoxton 1.9 miles 22 minutes 24 minutes 13 minutes 38 minutes 16 minutes
iQ Bloomsbury 1 mile 15 minutes - 12 minutes 20 minutes 10 minutes


How to reach SOAS Russell Square Campus from iQ Shoreditch, iQ Hoxton or iQ Bloomsbury

iQ Shoreditch is about three quarters of an hour away from the Russell Square Campus by foot, although you can make this journey in just 15 minutes by bike. However, public transport is probably the easiest option if you're living at iQ Shoreditch and studying in Russell Square. Take the Northern Line from Old Street to Euston and walk down to the university. Or, get off one stop earlier (at King's Cross St. Pancras) and change onto the Piccadilly Line which will take you down to Russell Square, the nearest tube station to campus. There are also a number of convenient buses which you can take to reach the university from iQ Shoreditch, including the numbers 55 and the N35.

From iQ Hoxton, you can reach Russell Square in about 50 minutes if you're walking and about 20 minutes if you're cycling. If you're getting the bus, take the number 243 to Red Lion Square, just above Holborn, and then walk up Southampton Row to reach the campus - this will take you about half an hour in total. Alternatively, you can walk from iQ Hoxton to Old Street station in about 12 minutes; from here, the Northern Line will take you to Euston or you can change from the Northern to the Piccadilly Line at King's Cross to go straight to Russell Square.

iQ Bloomsbury is just a short walk away from the Russell Square campus, so the quickest way to get there is by foot or bike. If you're feeling lazy and don't want to walk it, there are plenty of buses that you can jump on which will whisk you closer to the university - the numbers 10, 73, 390, and N253 should all help!


How to reach SOAS Vernon Road Campus from iQ Shoreditch, iQ Hoxton or iQ Bloomsbury

From iQ Shoreditch, it's a quick and easy walk to the SOAS Vernon Square Campus. Simply follow the City Road if you want an easy route that won't get you lost, or head along the back streets through Finsbury if you prefer a more scenic journey. If you want to travel by public transport, the number 205 and 214 buses both run along the City Road from Old Street Roundabout to drop you moments away from Vernon Square. You can also take the tube one stop on the Northern Line from Old Street to Angel.

From iQ Hoxton, the 205 bus will take you to Angel, which is very close to Vernon Square. Or, walk down to Old Street station and hop on the Northern Line to Angel - it's only one stop! On a nice day, you can walk to uni in less than three quarters of an hour or cycle in approximately 16 minutes.

iQ Bloomsbury is within easy walking distance of SOAS Vernon Square. You can get there in about twenty minutes by foot or in half that time if you prefer to bike. There are also a number of buses you can take to uni including the numbers 30, 205, 73, and 476. Fantastic!


Whichever iQ Student Accommodation site you're living at, you can keep your bike safe and sound with us; each iQ Student Accommodation has a store onsite for tenants to use.

SOAS contact details

General enquiries

  • 020 7637 2388

Students' Union

  • 020 7898 4992

Student Support

  • 020 7074 5015
  • studentadviceandwellbeing@soas.ac.uk

Did you know...

  • SOAS is Europe's only Higher Education institution to specialise in studies of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East.
  • Over 5,000 students currently study at SOAS. Of these, more than half are international students hailing from 133 countries around the world.
  • In 2014, SOAS was ranked 9th in Europe for Arts and Humanities by Times Higher Education World University Rankings.