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Your iQ Accommodation


Social Hub

Social Hub Broderick House have provided you with an amazing Social Hub where you can chill out after a long day at university or meet up with other residents. The social hub is open 24/7 and provides you with a flat screen LCD TV with Sky Channels including Sky Sports, Playstation with games and a vending area.

We also have a large atrium with table football and ping-pong, and an all weather sports pitch.

he only thing we ask is that you treat the area and the equipment within it with respect so that everybody can enjoy them.


Social Events

Broderick House offers great social events all throughout the year, including a Welcome Event for when you arrive to help you break the ice with fellow residents, Halloween, Christmas and Easter parties, and we also round off the year in style with an end of year party. For more information about upcoming events join our resident Facebook group



Broderick House has a fantastic on-site gym for all of your fitness needs located on the ground floor that is open between 7:30am and 10:00pm everyday. The gym is completely free to use, but you will have to complete a gym induction which costs £35.
During the induction you will be asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, and sign a disclaimer.
Once you’ve completed your induction you can bring your completion slip to reception and then we can update your fob to give you access to the gym.



We have a laundry room located next to the Social Hub that is open 24 hours and is managed by Circuit. The machines are card operated to save you having to check behind the sofa or under your bed for some spare change. The charges start at £2.50 for a wash cycle and £1.20 for a 50 minute dry cycle.
We also have LaundryView which allows you to go online and check to see if there is a machine free and if your washing or drying cycles have finished. 

For some helpful tips for doing your washing, including how to use the machines and what all those symbols on the labels mean, visit our dedicated laundry page.



There is no car parking for tenants of Broderick House. 
We would recommend that you do not bring your car and we encourage you instead to use local public transport or to walk or cycle.


Refuse and Recycling

iQ love the world we live in and we want to do our bit to protect it. We’re sure you want to do your bit too, so to make being eco-friendly easy for you we’ve got a refuse and recycling store located on the ground floor which can be accessed through the single entry door opposite reception. 
We have recycling bins for glass and clothes. 

You’ll also find recycling bins throughout your communal areas.

For more information on recycling and what can and can't be recycled, visit our Refuse and Recycling page.


Posts and Parcels

Your address will be your flat and room number followed by:
Broderick House
140 Bath Row
The postcode will be either B15 1NQ (Flats 1 – 87) or B15 1NZ (Flats 88 – 174).
Normal post will be delivered to your post box every day of the week apart from Sunday. 

iQ Parcel Procedure

Every tenant at Broderick House benefits from free parcel collection. All parcels and packages can be signed for and kept at reception for you. Once your parcel has arrived one of our Accommodation Team members will contact you and let you know that you have a delivery. We will then hold your parcel for five working days before returning it to the sender, unless you have told us in advance that you are away and unable to collect it for a while. When you come to collect your parcel please remember to bring ID.

Please note that once you have moved out, any post that we receive for you will be returned to the sender.


Broadband and WiFi

Your broadband and WiFi service is provided by ASK4. To get started with ASK4, plug your laptop or PC into the data-port in your room and launch your browser. Then just follow the on-screen instructions to set up an ASK4 account.

For all of the information about your provider, including detailed instructions on how to connect your devices or to report an issue, visit our Internet Services page.


Drinking Water

It is safe for you to drink the cold water straight from the kitchen tap.



We have wonderful domestic assistants to clean all of the Social Areas, however you do have the responsibility to clean your own accommodation.  For some good tips to make your accommodation spick and span visit our Cleaning page.

Do not leave any bin bags on the corridor. This presents a fire and trip hazard and it’s unpleasant for your neighbours. 


Green iQ

We work really hard at iQ to be as Green as possible and we have an ongoing commitment to improve sustainability across all of our sites. We do this by making our buildings as eco-friendly as possible, by providing recycling facilities throughout your accommodation, and by encouraging you to save energy by doing little things like turning the light off when you leave a room. You can read more about our ongoing commitment to being Green, as well as more tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint by visiting our Green iQ page.


TV Licence

Everyone who watches TV has to pay for a TV licence. This applies whether you’re watching your favourite shows live on your TV or if you’re watching on demand or catch-up TV on any mobile device including mobiles, tablets, laptops or PCs. Some of the most common live TV services include BBC iPlayer, SkyGo and ITV Player.
If you have or are planning to get a TV for your studio or en suite bedroom, or watching on demand or catch up TV, you will need to get a TV licence.
You don’t need to worry about TV licencing for any of the communal areas as iQ sort all of those out for you. 
A TV licence costs £145.50 and lasts for 12 months after which you will need to renew. You can pay for your licence either yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly to suit you. You can also apply for a refund for the summer months that you are not with us. 

For more information about TV licensing and to get your own, visit the TV licensing website here.


Induction Hob

All our Shared Kitchens and Studios at Broderick House use Induction Hobs.
Click here to find out why, how to use an induction hob and which pans will work best.
Please note that Induction Hobs can interfere with Pacemakers. If you have any concerns about this, please speak to a member of the team.


Cycle Store

Birmingham is a great city for cycling with lots of canals and cycle routes. All of the campuses, shopping centres and any other facilities you might need are easily reached. It’s a fantastic way to keep fit and to save yourself a bit of cash by avoiding all those bus and train costs.

We have provided you with a cycle store located on the ground floor. Make sure they are secured properly as iQ will not be responsible for any damage, theft or loss. We recommend that you use a D-Lock, as a poor lock is more likely to lead to a stolen bike.